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v1.0.0.33 inop. Dash floodlights in Concorde

Kyprianos Biris

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Kyprianos Biris

P3D 3.4.22 19868 HF3 (Full details of my system in my signature)

FSL Spotlights v1.0.0.33 (not purchased)

Concorde-X 1.39

A320-X not installed (yet).


For some reason I have recently lost from FSLSpotlights only the Dashboard lighting (LH AND CENTRE DASH FLOOD and RH DASH FLOOD).

See Before & Now screenshots further down.

ONLY for the Dashboard Lighting I get the default "hazy" lighting which is visible if you compare the screenshots.

In the sim the visual effect is stronger, check the area above the ADI where the difference is more evident.

The rest of the cockpit gets the proper nice volumetric lights from FSLSpotlights as always.


Only changes I have done recently (since the "BEFORE" screenshot) are:

- the installation of Chaseplane camera.

- The installation of B744 v3 (I mention it because it has also its own dll.xml entries but nothing related to FSLSpotlights)

- I had P3D 3.4.22, moved back to P3D 3.4.9 to investigate the possible causes of some crashes, found things suspected were not the cause and reinstalled P3D 3.4.22 (Client, Content, SDK)

- Concorde-X 1.39 was installed since P3D initial P3D3.4.22 update. To make sure the 3.4.22->3.4.9->3.4.22 changes are not the cause I fully uninstalled Concorde-X 1.39, FSL Spotlights v1.0.0.33, rebooted, checked for remainder files, cleaned registry etc. etc. and then I installed them both (Spotlights & Concorde) from scratch. No change, still hazy dashboard lights.

- Recently like most of us I have updated SODE (and did the Unregister - Register to make sure it reads all compatible scenery etc.), updated GSX with clean install, reinstalled FSUIPC just in case, got the automatic Chaseplane updates, ORBX scenery updates and so on.


My dll.xml in apdata/roaming has the proper entries for FSL files. There are no duplicate entries in the programdata/ dll.xml

FSLSpotlights.ini is properly sitting in Simobjects\Airplanes\Concorde folder.

The shaders were automatically regenerated from scratch as I observed on each Spotlights uninstall, reinstall.

Any help given to resolve this, appreciated.










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