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Sunset at Madeira

Roberto Haddad

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Roberto Haddad

Hi all,

just a few screenshots of an amzing sunset with full moon(not edited),have a nice day all,airbus is simply awesome ;)







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Philipp Schwaegerl

Very nice. :) The A320 from FSL is simply stunning. Funny when I say this, because I don't like the real A320 that much. I'm more the 737-800WL / SSWs guy.

Are you active for Alitalia virtual? Is the real Alitalia flying to Madeira?

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Roberto Haddad

XI streichholz,

i'm a former member of Alitalia Virtual(not active from a lot of time i presume)and unfortunally Alitalia not flying to Madiera at this time but i hope..... :D

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