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Ge0rge J0achim

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Ge0rge J0achim

2017-3-2_20-19-45-69.thumb.jpg.105b6b404421f9d0413e6dfa4a7afb22.jpgJust bought it..

Excellent aircraft in all respects.... I messed up the MCDU landing procedures and didn't install FS lights, but managed to land at Larnaca, but didn't know how to retract the reverse thrust and my bus was going in circles on the ground...Unbelievable sounds.2017-3-2_20-19-45-69.thumb.jpg.105b6b404421f9d0413e6dfa4a7afb22.jpg2017-3-2_21-3-41-368.thumb.jpg.016fd17649a7a03b8ff48cf42e19431e.jpg2017-3-2_21-17-34-440.thumb.jpg.b1c889e83946c354fa9b08d0948fdfc6.jpg2017-3-2_21-20-19-994.thumb.jpg.62b1f73c601851a53bb07d690c08486f.jpg








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You can move the thrust levers trough the throttle detents with F4 and F1 (forward with F4 and bakward with F1).

So when you are in IDLE REV after landing, press F4 to move into FWD IDLE

Have fun!:)

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