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Prepar3D V3.4 Hotfix 3 Released v

Daniel Kozievitch

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Daniel Kozievitch
18 minutes ago, Lefteris Kalamaras said:

Don't have too many high hopes for it - it doesn't fix much, other than the SLI issue for those who use it.

My case, I use SLI , the reason i need update my p3d, there some thing I can do to have light inside the cockpit ? Was my last week of vaction to enjoy my new Airbus . Did you have any plan when they delivery a new version ?


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19 hours ago, Lefteris Kalamaras said:

I did post an announcement in the General forum :) .

Will the new update be released this weekend ? Thanks

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2 minutes ago, dnagato said:

Good question :) 

I updated to HF3 yesterday night, and FSLabs installation files don't detect HF3 so... :) 

I hope they release the new update soon

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Then why won't you re-install the previous version of the Prepar3D client instead of waiting for the updated version of Spotlights? When the new Spotlights are released you can re-install the latest Prepar3D client.

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