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Lovely winter flight to Berlin!

Pascal Adelsberger

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Pascal Adelsberger

That was a really short flight from Munich to Berlin. However the weather was great so far and I just can´t stop flying this beauty. I really don´t need any other aircraft addons anymore!

Preparing the flight..

Prepar3D 2017-01-28 20-29-53.jpg

Prepar3D 2017-01-28 20-30-45.jpgPrepar3D 2017-01-28 20-38-28.jpg

Lovely winter sky here on FL320 :)

Prepar3D 2017-01-28 21-09-38.jpgPrepar3D 2017-01-28 21-04-45.jpgPrepar3D 2017-01-28 21-09-11.jpgPrepar3D 2017-01-28 21-09-29.jpg


Prepar3D 2017-01-28 21-37-00.jpgPrepar3D 2017-01-28 21-40-37.jpg

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