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Spotlights not working - A320X or default.

Peter Ward

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I hope you can help me here. I have installed P3D A320X according to the instructions - including Spotlights.

Spotlights isn't working - I have a DLL.XML entry - options to "Enable" or "Disable" in P3D add-ons, and the A320X configuration shows up in the Spotlights manager and can be edited.

I have all the A320 lights up full - including the floodlights which are bright white on the roof panel. In the cockpit only integrated lighting is visible - so it can't be flown at night.

I feel I know this forum off by heart now having read every thread about this issue, but nothing has helped.

I have tried a full install and re-install on a second machine (GTX970)  - and the result is the same. I have a registered copy of Spotlights, and if I try to use it on a default aircraft there is no "Icon" on the screen in windowed mode, so it is the same for all aircraft.

Please help - I'm not getting any younger and there must be a quick fix for this.

Thanks in advance.



WIN 10 with latest updates, 32Gb RAM - Skylake 6700 GTX 1080 using a 1080p resolution. File sharing throughout permitted and no Firewall.

A320X order ID ST712742378 Spotlights order ID ST89393803

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Brit-

I am sorry you're facing issues with Spotlights.

We need some more feedback from you to resolve this:

1) How many monitors are you using?

2) if you uninstall A320-X and install only Spotlights v32, do you still have issues? Locate the default aircraft at LGAV and load it in Virtual Cockpit - do you still NOT see the little icon?

3) Do you have the Add-on menu -> FSLabs ->Spotlights menu added?

This is a good start so we can assist in figuring out the issue.

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Hi Lefteris,

Thanks very much for the reply.

1) one - a 4K monitor being used in 1080p mode. I have tried higher/lower resolutions as well with no improvement. 

2) With Spotlights v32 only installed at LGAV default aircraft - still no icon.

3) Yes, add-on menu is there, (with disable/show window options), as is the Spotlights manager, which shows connected to the default aircraft at LGAV.

Just to add, I have P3D latest HF2 installed. I also have Rift and Flyinside but these are not active. I disconnected RIFT and shut down Oculus APP to see if this had any effect. It didn't. 

'Other add-ons visible in P3D - FSUIPC, FSLabs (About), Virtuali Add-on Manager, Coatl Settings, Coatl Live Update.



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Lefteris Kalamaras

If you have read some other threads on this issue, FlyInside is not compatible with the A320-X at this time. We're exploring this issue but as we do not have the necessary hardware to test this, it might take a little bit longer to do.

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Brendan Richards

Hi, Just bought the A320 (P3D) here.


I was having issues with Spotlights not working, Tried a reinstall/restart with no luck. I then found this thread (and also have FlyInside installed) Found the d3d11.dll, Removed it from the P3D Folder and Spotlights is working fine now..


Just wanted to add this to confirm it worked for me, if anyone else is having the same issue. 




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I have found a fix for this on my rig  - although I have no idea why it works!

Run P3D "au naturelle" without Flyinside, and without the d3dll.dll ( I moved mine to desktop). Spotlights works, of course.

Set your chosen aircraft lighting profile as required and save in the Spotlights manager.

Shut down P3D.

Put the d3dll.dll back into the P3D root folder.

Run P3D with Flyinside. You should now have Spotlights on your aircraft. The in-screen switcher menu (the one that pops up when you select "show window" is only visible on the PC screen but you can always import the Spotlights Manager window into Flyinside if you want.

In summary I have Spotlights in Flyinside - the A320 is an absolute picture at night with them working! I just "sat" on the jump seat last night in cruise enjoying the lighting!

i think that if you do a reboot you may have to do all this over again but it's a start...

Hope this helps..



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Just been looking at this forum as I am having the same issue but a little differently...


I have installed ReShade but mine crashes if I open a program as administrator with the sim open so to fix that i change the names of the dxgi files to d3d11 which stops the crash. However, by doing this, it conflicts with FSLabs Spotlights and I am unable to use the dome and other lights in the A320X.


Do you think there is any work around for this?


Many thanks,



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Hello all,

I recently purchased the FSLabs A320X and all appears fine with the actual aircraft, but i'm having some issues with spotlights. The menu for FSLabs spotlights does not appear in the drop down menu and when I launch the spotlights manager (before or after loading the sim) the box remains empty- there is nothing in it but it does recognise the aircraft and says the simulator is connected. Of course this means that there is no flood or dome lighting in the A320X.

I've tried reinstalling the A320X and spotlights but to no avail! I think it could be something to do with the antivirus (because i've been getting threat messages caused from C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\FSLabs\FSLSpotLights\DLL) and have tried disabling this when launching spotlight manager and excluding that file in the exceptions page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Note: P3D V3.4, most recent spotlights installed (version 33), followed installation guide correctly (although not impossible that I missed something), i5 4670K overclocked, GTX980ti, 8GB RAM

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Thanks for the reply,

I managed to get spotlights working with the A320X, but only when I uninstalled the current version (33) and then installed the previous version (32)

I guess there's a problem with the latest version on my PC?

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Unfortunately for FSX and P3Dv3 users, NVidia decided to issue drivers (after 376.33) that cause spotlights to not work any more - it's in their code and there's nothing we can do about it. Please use those drivers (even with .33).

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Ricardo Groizard Moreno

Why you just don't design an addon that works as is expected? I mean, when I bought A320X I could not read anywehere that I was getting a dark plane that I can not fly other than in daylight hours. 


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Why are you attacking us for a bug that was introduced with NVidia's latest drivers? Why don't you focus all that negative energy towards asking them to fix their issue? All was working properly until they decided to screw things up - believe us, if we had their source code, we'd identify and fix it for them, but as you are well aware, they are closed-source-code, not open.

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Lefteris Kalamaras
9 minutes ago, Lefteris Kalamaras said:

Why are you attacking us for a bug that was introduced with NVidia's latest drivers? Why don't you focus all that negative energy towards asking them to fix their issue? All was working properly until they decided to screw things up - believe us, if we had their source code, we'd identify and fix it for them, but as you are well aware, they are closed-source-code, not open.

PS. There are LOTS and LOTS of reports on the DXGI DEVICE HUNG issue, even without Spotlights (or the A320!) installed. This should convince you even further that it's NVidia's drivers at fault, not the Spotlights.

PS.2 - the same code in Prepar3D v4 works fine, which means that there's also bugs somewhere in the P3D v3 latest update (their internal code) to exacerbate this issue.

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