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Screen icon etc not displaying

Andrew Pharoah

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Andrew Pharoah


I have just installed the latest release of the A320X v1.0.1.192  and the latest FSLSpotlights v1.0.0.31 (Registered Version) into my FSX Legacy (Win7) (DX10) (3 Screen) system along with the downloaded preset template kindly provided in the FSLSpotlights Forum by Hans. Spotlights shows Licenced in the Manager tool.

If I load up the Spotlights Manager application from Win7 'All Programs' , it loads successfully in a separate window and shows the correct aircraft selected. If i turn on the lights in the A320X they work as expected and are shown activated with the orange dot in the Spotlights Manager, so everything with regard to the connection seems fine.

Within the loaded flight (loaded correctly via default Trike etc) I am in VC Mode and in Windowed Mode. I cannot see any ^ icon on the screen or the  overlay Spotlights Control window. Under the FSX Add-ons drop down list, I can see an option for 'FSLabs Spotlights' shown, (it has Hide/show sub level option?) but if I select it nothing happens.

I have tried the above with other aircraft, including default FSX aircraft and while the FSX option for 'FSLabs Spotlights' is shown in the add-ons drop down list and now has the *hide/*show sub level options, still no overlay window appears and no ^ icon is visible on screen anywhere.

What am I doing wrong please?

Thanks in anticipation


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Andrew Pharoah

Hi Lefteris,

Thanks for getting back to me. Turns out that the ^ icon was in the bottom left of the right hand screen of my three screen system. The resolution makes it very small ! 

If I drag the overlay window to the middle screen it stays there ok. Looks ok therefore, just a confusion caused by following the instruction to be in Windowed Mode when opening FSL Spotlights.

I assume it's not supposed to overlay if the A320X is the chosen aircraft?



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Lefteris Kalamaras


thanks for replying. Yes, you are correct, it doesn't show for FSL aircraft, as we handle all the lighting controls via the aircraft light knobs and switches themselves.

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