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Have a StreamDeck? Wanna test a Plugin? [PilotsDeck]

Daniel Saffran

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Daniel Saffran

Hello fellow Bus-Drivers! :)

I have been working for some time now on a StreamDeck Plugin which connects to Prepar3D via FSUIPC. So that a StreamDeck can be used as Input (and Display) Device.

Before I announce/present it to the greater Flightsim Community, I'll wanted start here to find my first Beta Testers.
You can get it from my Github-Repository under Releases (current is v0.5.1). Installation is just extracting the Zip and Re/Start StreamDeck. What Actions are available and how they are configured can be read in the Readme.

Suggestions and Feedback appreciated!


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Moritz Frenken


I already downloaded it and gave it a try. actually I didnt get it woking.
I inserted some control parameters but the sim didnt recognized it.
But if you are still searching beta testers send me a PM.


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Daniel Saffran

I've tried to test as much as possible - of course it is in development, but that nothing works is a bit suprising. Let's work it out via PM ;) 

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Mats Kronberg

Yes please. :)

This looks very promising, but I wasn't quite able to get it to work.

I can see the Actions in the Stream Deck UI, but I'm not able to make even a simple Display Value work.

I enabled the FSUIPC (registered version) log Console Log window, but it shows nothing when I start Stream Deck and open the folder containing the action.

The Stream Deck log suggests the plugin is crashing:

ESDCustomPlugin::StartPlugin::<lambda_0b565748c80c245c6dacbb627626632b>::operator ()(): The plugin 'PilotsDeck' crashed with code 0:-532462766
ESDCustomPlugin::StartPlugin::<lambda_0b565748c80c245c6dacbb627626632b>::operator ()(): Restarting plugin 'PilotsDeck'
ESDCustomPlugin::StartPlugin::<lambda_0b565748c80c245c6dacbb627626632b>::operator ()(): The plugin 'PilotsDeck' crashed with code 0:-532462766
ESDCustomPlugin::StartPlugin::<lambda_0b565748c80c245c6dacbb627626632b>::()::<lambda_f28c194402b52051a8ce98ebab4f5e3f>::operator ()(): Restarting plugin 'PilotsDeck' after one minute

Any suggestions?



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Daniel Saffran

Hello Mats,

did you try to unblock/exclude the Plugin like described in the Readme?

When you don't find a log-directory inside the plugin-dir, it very likely that the executable and/or its dll's are blocked.


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Mats Kronberg

Yes, that helped! Thanks!!!

Now I just have to figure out how to do the lvar dance with the rotorbrake. Oh the vjoy! :)


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Daniel Saffran

Great to hear :)

What do you mean with "lvar dance"? 

You can any way of input you like, if thats rotorbrake, thats fine. I did 99% of my profile with Lua(Toggle) and Macros ;) 

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Mats Kronberg

I was just trying to be funny. :) What I meant is that now it's time to learn how to make FSUIPC do the things I want.

I was able to make some basic buttons (show the xpdr code, toggle seatbelt sign, ...), and I think your plugin is very promising!

It feels more rewarding to get a single button working when it's complicated to do so than to just get a finished product that Just Works. :)

Are there some examples profiles in the repo too? There were some extra profiles that StreamDeck offered to import, but they seemed empty.

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Daniel Saffran

The bigger problem is imho if and how the A320X does respectively reports the things one wants *cough* :ph34r:

You can use what you used before to map the cockpit-buttons/-controls to the joystick. But you're right to get dynamic buttons, you have to dance the lvar-dance ;)
What I used as Lvar Reference is the FSL2Lua Library from Peter Pukhnoy's Virtual copilot. There's a file called "FSL.lua" where you can find the lvar-names.

The included Profiles are for the (StreamDeck) profile-switching-feature of the plugin. The profiles can be switched on basis of a FSUIPC-profile.
Unfortunately there are no example profiles, since there are many ways to control a button and there are different user-preferences. For example, I make heavy use of Lua and Macros, other may prefer Controls/RotorBrake. And again others maybe want to map everything within the FSUIPC-GUI and therefore only use the (FSUIPC's) vJoy in the Plugin.

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Thomas Hempel

I really tried my best, but i can´t get it work. 

Is it possbile to get an example e.g. for the radios?

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Daniel Saffran

Hello Thomas,

but the Plugin does basically work, right? For example, the Drop-Downs for Action-Type and Images work and you have a log-Folder inside the Plugin-Folder (not Streamdeck-Folder)?

What is the Challenge with the Radios?
You would need some Action to trigger the Swap - either by Macro, RotorBrake-Code aka Control (if existing for Radio-Swap) or when I remember correctly even the FSUIPC-Offset works with FSL to do the Swap.
For the Frequencies you can either user the BCD-encoded Offsets (3118-3120 / 034E) or the integer-Offsets (05C4-05D0). But be warned, FSL does not synch these Offsets with the real Values active in the Cockpit very well, only the Active is more or less accurate.

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