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Have a StreamDeck? Wanna test a Plugin? [PilotsDeck]

Daniel Saffran

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Daniel Saffran

Hello fellow Bus-Drivers! :)

I have been working for some time now on a StreamDeck Plugin which connects to Prepar3D via FSUIPC. So that a StreamDeck can be used as Input (and Display) Device.

Before I announce/present it to the greater Flightsim Community, I'll wanted start here to find my first Beta Testers.
You can get it from my Github-Repository under Releases (current is v0.4.9). Installation is just extracting the Zip and Re/Start StreamDeck. What Actions are available and how they are configured can be read in the Readme.

Suggestions and Feedback appreciated!


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Moritz Frenken


I already downloaded it and gave it a try. actually I didnt get it woking.
I inserted some control parameters but the sim didnt recognized it.
But if you are still searching beta testers send me a PM.


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Daniel Saffran

I've tried to test as much as possible - of course it is in development, but that nothing works is a bit suprising. Let's work it out via PM ;) 

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