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Found 8 results

  1. Ross McDonagh

    A Few Control Questions

    After much searching in here, I’ve come to the conclusion I have to post a topic. I’m using a CH Throttle Quad which has an idle detent but also doesn’t have the “button” past the detent-rather it’s a small throttle number range. I’ve spent the week in “ground school” going over procedures, making mouse macros/assigning controls and attempting to get my settings just right. Today my TMCA sidestick arrives and I’m excited to take the first flight. My apologies if this topic is in the wrong place but I wasn’t quite sure how to ask these questions and I didn’t want to post multiple times. My apologies to the mods/staff if this is in the wrong spot. Anyone can feel free to move this and or link me to the right topics that I may have missed. My questions are: 1. Can I set two of my unused levers to be a “reverse axis” vs a button push in FSUIPC? Will the Bus allow that? I messed around with the MCDU to set detents, but I’m wondering if I can make it happen. I had an issue in my Boeing last night with the small range of unlock to reverse and I had the epiphany to set the unused levers for the Boeing. But, with the way FSLabs handles the thrust and gates, I’m not sure it’ll work for the Bus 2. The suggested FSUIPC axis null zones in the manual are 13% for ailerons and 16% for the elevators. Does anyone with the TMCA Airbus sidestick use FSUIPC and could they post their null zones? If not, are you using P3D to set the settings as per the introduction manual? edit: 3. Does FS Spotlights still install with the A320-X in P3D? I’m confused as to whether I need to install it or not
  2. Peter Zaehringer

    FSUIPC window not opening

    Hello FSLabs Team, I've been experiencing a strange error with the wonderful A320 recently. I've had this great bird almost since the day it was released and never had any problems with it, even on my ancient PC (i5-2500K oc 4.3 GHz, Z68X-UD4-B3 INTEL, EVGA NVIDIA GTX 570 1.2 GB GDDR5 Win-7 64 - FSX Box SP2. Long story short, I purchased another add-on airplane a week ago and "cheated" on my beloved FSLabs Bus ;-) Now, whenever I load the A320, it renders my FSUIPC inaccessible, meaning I can see it listed in the drop down add ons menu, but when I click on it nothing happens. I have all my study-sim aircraft, incl. FSlabs calibrated etc. via FSUIPC. I have uninstalled, reinstalled with the same results (both A320 and FSUIPC v4.97). I'm using the most recent FSlabs installer with v.197 binaries and 196 resources (I always do those tasks as an admin and virus software disabled - my FSX drive is completely exempted from virus scanning). I'm at a complete loss, I have tried rebuilding FSX.cfg, DLL.xml, exe.xml but nothing seems to make it work again. I do have a feeling that this might have something to do with FSDreamteam's GSX, but I'm not quite sure yet. I have not posted this on Pete Dawson's or FSDreamteam's forum yet. Unfortunately I can't even provide a fsuipc error log as it's not even being created during the loading process of the bus. I have attached the above mentioned files and would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction to get my beloved A320 back. FYI - I have not submitted a support ticket yet. Thanks for your help in advance, Peter DLL.xml EXE.xml fsx.CFG
  3. Peter Kaemmerer

    Hello to everybody !

    First of all i want to say hello to everyone. I am new in this community and already found helpfull hints and interesting Topics. I fly with the FSX for many years and prefere the Airbus for my flights. After Wilco and Aerosoft A319 i bought me the FSLabs A320 now and i must say that i am very impressed. Compared to all the busses i flew before the FSLabs 320 is absolutely amazing. A few "Bugs" i noticed will be surely fixed with upcoming Hotfixes and updates. The plane behaves really natural and authentic. i know what i am talking about. There are only some few Problems i still Need to solve ...... hopefully with your help. 1. Even after reading the Topics in the Forum i still have Problems to configure the throttle of the plane. All of my changes made in the Options and throttle menue of the fmc work ok, but not perfect. It is not possible for me to find the correct detents for CL and FLX. Pulling back the throttle from FLX to Climb after take off always results in a back and forth until i finally found the CL, coz all the detends are so Close to eachother even if i gave them a range of 10. I have a Thrustmaster Hotas X installed . I dont do reverse on stick. i use a button for the reverse. I have FSUIPC in a registered Version, but dont really know how to use it . 2. I still have to find out the correct Settings for the Brakes. Maybe somebody knows a good Setting. At the Moment i have it set as : 0.60, 0.60, ON, 1.00. But that seems to be not the perfect choice. For so many weeks now i try and try but nothing really works good. 3. The rudders are sooooo sensitive. i use them for stearing the plane on the ground. i have the sticky button activated (,) and in FSX i put the Settings of the rudder sensitivity on 0 (!), but the rudder is still overacting and ist very difficult to stear the plane on the ground, even if i never taxi faster than 10 knots. Maybe you can help me solving those Problems. Im sorry if i should have put my first post in a different Folder, but as i am new here i will still learn. By the way, a Special greeting and thank you to "Lefti", who helped me so professional with my Registration Problems. I hope to hear from you and cant wait to do my next flight in the great FSLabs 320. PETER
  4. Rick Postma

    FSUIPC and 320X

    Hi simmers! i bought some rudder pedals (T.M.R.P.) and want to use them in the 320X and a chopper. Now i found out, that i need to use FSUPC to get the signals into the sim (P3D V3) correctly. I am not very experienced in applying FSUIPC and have some questions here. I hope someone can help me do the config correctly.... If i choose to use FSUIPC, must i config my stick, throttle also , or can i config my pedals only, without disturbing the rest of the settings that will remain standard ? Same if i choose to config some buttons and levers on the Joystick. Can I select this without disturbing the other settings? Somewhere i read, that to be able to config the controls, i need to disable these settings in P3D. Is this true, or can i configure my pedals via FSUIPC and the rest via P3D and leave the settings as they are? Looking forward to some help here. cheers Rick
  5. Is there a secret to getting the rudder pedals more responsive to taxi the aircraft. Mine are almost unresponsive which is opposite of what they are for my PMDG aircraft. Is there a way to use the tiller with the mouse. And yes I to am having brake OH issues. Randy
  6. I have assigned a button on my Saitek throttle quadrant to FSUIPC's Traffic Zapper facility. This works fine with all my other aircraft. However, it doesn't work consistently with Concorde and I can't get to the bottom of the problem. The Ai aircraft is right in front of me, it can be seen in Traffic Explorer in FSX:SP2 and it also shows in Traffic Look - freeware supplied by Pete Dowson. So it definitely exists but pressing the button to remove the aircraft doesn't work. Most of the time I do hear the sound associated with the Zapper command but sometimes I don't. I can only think something within Concorde is preventing this from working. Anyone else have this problem and is there a solution?
  7. frostycab

    A question about the brakes

    I 'd like to know if anyone else has had any trouble getting the brakes to work with their rudder pedals. I've got a set of Saitek pedals set up through FSUIPC, and obviously use them to operate the wheel brakes. The problem I have is that I get no response from the brakes through roughly the first half of the travel on my pedals, and then they bite really hard, resulting in an uncomfortable stop. Its impossible to brake in a straight line, as even the smallest discrepancy between my left and right feet lead to heavy differential braking and I veer off to one side. I've got my pedals set up and calibrated through FSUIPC, and they're showing response through the entire range of travel, so I can only assume its something to do with the way the A320X interprets brake inputs. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can make things a little more user-friendly?
  8. Tuto voici un lien : > http://www.pilote-virtuel.com/img/members/5831/TutoFSUIPC.pdf . Afin d’avoir une gouverne plus réalise j’aimerai mettre la montée et descente du nez par incrément sur ma manette Saitek Quadrant. J’ai affecté sur la fenêtre Axis Assignement avec Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration les Spoilers ou Flaps ? Nous avons deux endroits nommés Control sent when range entered. Dans celle du bas je sélectionne Flaps Down et sur celle du haut j’ai tu essayé car je comprend qu’il faut donner un ordre de monté (Flaps Incr = ?) , tout cela avec une logique qui correspond au setup des 10 ranges for action Je ne parle pas de l’influence du UP et DOWN à cocher, pour les Parameter et le Contrl to repeat whilst in range c’est idem. Enfin doit t’on passer dans la fenêtre Joystick Calibration 6 of 11 : Trim, spoilers and flaps, la aussi on dispose de réglage cran par cran ? Sont ‘ils en rapports ou indépendants de l’AXIS Assignement. Si vous connaissez la précédure pour faire fonctionner je suis prenneur Tutorial here is a link: > Http://www.pilote-virtuel.com/img/members/5831/TutoFSUIPC.pdf. To have a longer governs realize I'd put the nose up and down increments on my Saitek Quadrant. I posted on the window with Axis Assignment Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration or Flap the Spoilers? we have two places named Control feels When Entered ranks. In the bottom I select Flaps Down and the top one I tried because I understand you need to give an order of mounted (Flaps Incr =?), All with a logic that corresponds to the setup for the 10 ranges action I'm not talking about the influence of the UP and DOWN to check for Parameter and Contrl to repeat WHILST it is in range idem. Finally, you must pass on the Joystick Calibration window 6 of 11: Trim, flaps and spoilers, as the available adjustment notch by notch? Are 'they report or independent AXIS Assignment. If you know the precedure to run I
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