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Found 8 results

  1. Theo Haralambof

    REX Skyforce P3D5

    Hi! I saw that REX Skyforce has been released as beta for P3D5, has anyone installed and tested it? If so, can you share your REX settings? If you use other addons like ENVTEX/ENVSHADE/Active Sky Cloud Art, can you also share your experience and settings? Thanks
  2. David Goginava

    Airbus A320 HTML app

    Version 1.1.0


    Airbus A320 EFB App FREE Do you need an All-in-One electronic solution that helps you flying the Airbus A320 either in real-life or flightsimulation training? Functions: - Electronic functions of the A320 EFB available as HTML app. This app works within the browser. It works on each device and is completely free. - Weather details: Obtain the actual weather report as METAR and see a weather map. The weather map contains temperature, precipitation, clouds, pressure and wind details. No costs at all. - The A320 Normal Checklist is now available as electronic checklist. Also, the limitations and the QRH paper handbook are available within the app as pdf. Performance data included. Absolutely FREE. Works in browser. Best regards, David Goginava
  3. Max Harris

    Besoke Weather

    Any ideas if its possible to place bespoke weather in the route ie can I put a TS on a 4 mile final to my preferred Rwy? Regards, Max
  4. Aaron Lee

    "Sticky" Clouds

    This may well be an Active Sky for P3Dv4 thing but the other day I was descending into KSFO through a cloud layer. Once I descended below the deck, I kept seeing white flashes of cloud from the cockpit window. The effect was similar to what you'd experience if you were just skimming the tops or bottom of a cloud layer. Visually, the rest of the sky looked normal so after about a minute of this, I went to external view, then back to cockpit view and the effect was gone. Anyone else experience this? Aaron
  5. Joan Alonso

    Weather radar performance

    Hi, First of all I would like to thanks FsLabs for 1.Making such a great product. 2.Making such a great forum, where you can talk not only with other users but with the staff. I was one of those who claimed for a brake and rudder solution for those who play with no hardware. And now the experience it's brilliant. It's awesome to fly this beast with such inmersion: vc, systems, procedures, behaviour, PA knob (really?), sound... I have now upgraded to P3D, and the result is even better. Superb. But one of the things that worry me a little (and only a little) is the performance. Even when the performance of this product is also really good taking into account all the information that has to be processed, I (and all of us I guess) we are always looking for ways to maximize fps. And there's my question: will there be an option to disable the weather radar scanning for those who want to sacrifice this system to gain some extra Fps? Or maybe I'm wrong and disabling this system wouldn't be as good as I think? Many thanks, and safe flights!
  6. Hello guys, First of all I want to thank you and congratulate you for this wonderful add-on aircraft. I was waiting for so many years for an Airbus a/c like this one and I am very pleased to finally fly it on my sim desktop, great job team! I am currently facing some issues with my weather radar, which is not displaying any weather. I am using the FSrealWX engine, and the only echos that I can get are from the ground. Unfortunately I can not find a topic about this issue. If there is an answer, can you direct me please to the corrective actions that I should follow? I have tried FSrealWX with FSUIPC, FSUIP + Simconnect, Simconnect, but nothing changes. What can I do? Thanks. PS: My WX box settings: GAIN +8 , Multiscan Auto, GCS Auto, Tilt 0, WX on 1, Mode WX+T
  7. Something very strange just happened ... on short finals LSZH Rwy16, autopilot OFF, the plane suddenly banked sharply to the right - no windshear and headwind only 3 knots ... quickly corrected back to runway and on 50 feet it happened again but this time it threw me completely off the runway. Full power but from the time the engines responded to throttles forward, the aircraft hit the ground. It is as if the ailerons get hit to a sudden right bank and for a second or two remains there and then back to neutral. I've tried now twice to duplicate the 'situation' but every approach is smooth with no problems at all. Does anyone know what this is? Have never experienced this before ... AS16 is on all the correct settings as suggested on forum. Sincerely Terblanche
  8. ifitsaboeingitsnotgoing

    Winds Aloft Data

    Hi, Will there be functionality in the MCDU to allow us to enter winds aloft data either manually or through a file generated by PFPX like how PMDG have done it? Thanks
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