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  1. Jack Sparrowhawk

    P3Dv4 and 8gb RAM

    Hello, I am very interested to purchase this product! I am just wondering on how my PC would run with 8GB worth of ram... I saw on the website it said: '<Minimum 16gb of RAM' Is 8gb enough? What does RAM do exactly in P3D V4? Does this affect performance ? I would love to get this aircraft! I'm too scared to purchase in case of the bad FPS. By watching videos online with the difference performance with the 8gb and 16gb I don' notice a big change in FPS or stutters for example... All I can see is maybe a 4-8fps decrease. My setup is: Intel
  2. Haakon Conradi

    P3Dv3 to v4 serial key issue

    I purchased the A320 for P3Dv3 a long time ago and now used my discount coupon to get the P3Dv4 version. I installed it but the aircraft wasn't showing itself in the sim, so I uninstalled thinking a re-install would maybe solve the issue. But the installer requires the serial code for the P3Dv4 version. I only got the serial code when I first upgraded expecting it would also be sent by mail or something. I have the P3Dv3 serial code.

    Problem taxeo "GIRAR"

    Hola. no hablo ingle espero alguna persona hable un poco de español, descargue el nuevo avion FSLAB A320 V4.1 anterior mente utilizaba en V3 Y Giraba perfecta mente ahora no puedo girar configurando todo como anterior mente... pense que en esta version este incoveniente estaria resuelto espero alguna respuesta por favor. _________________________________________________________________________________ GOOGLE. Hi. I do not speak English, I hope somebody speaks some Spanish, download the new FSLAB A320 V4.1 airplane previously used in V3 and it was
  4. Hey to every one, I would like to know if in the future there will be a new version for FSXusers with the sec flight plan and fix info available. Thanks a lot!
  5. Bruno Duarte

    Advice on GPU

    Hello all! I need help choosing a new video card to use with P3Dv4. I've read a lot of threads all around the internet but I still can't make a decision, mainly because apparently it depends a lot on my specs, so it becomes almost a case by case solution (for not experts like myself). My system is a i7-4790k 4GHz with 16GB RAM (both planned to be upgraded only after 2-3 years if needed) and a 24" full HD monitor (don't intend to go 4k anytime soon). I also plan on buying TrackIR sometime in the near future. Multimonitors I plan on using only for gauges, for the time being. Many
  6. Hi all, In the announcement of May 2017 the following was stated: - A note for our FSLabs A32X Home Cockpit and Professional Versions future customers: We are working with select hardware providers who have been eager to lend us their products so that we can ensure full and correct compatibility. Delays in releasing compatibility kits have been inevitable due to the various simulator platforms being released simultaneously. We hope and expect to have something for our customers by the end of the year. For the Home cockpit built many switches etc are accessible using the Rotor B
  7. Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt

    P3Dv4 Sound Engine

    Hi. 1st, I don't know if this topic is correctly placed under the General discussion forum. Since I don't have issues with the audio of my copy I don't think it is eligible to be in the Sounds forum, but I leave it up to the moderators. The thing: as the new update for P3Dv4 comes closer and closer I'd like to ask about one thing that caught my attention. U guys are saying that you are building a new sound engine for the plane. Could you expand a bit on that? What are -in a nutshell- the features of this engine? . Let me try to grab the whole arm now... Since audio is somethi
  8. Kyle Wilford


    Hi guys, I am sure most are trying to find out or wondering when will FSlabs A320X will be ready. Are we looking at days, weeks months? What is it that you guys need to do to make it work for v4! Some more information and clarity around time frames would be great. PMDG have announced all their dates and so far are 100% on target with today launch of the 777-200 model and in 2 days time the 300.
  9. Marcell Csendes


    Hey! I am very new, actually just interested in P3D since they announced the coming V4 which seems now officially released at may 30. This is great news for me, since i just bought new PC a week ago.. Thinking about buying P3DV4 but also A320 for it. Do you think A320 will be on sale or something for this new version? or sure going to be 140 USD? It's not a big pricing of course, but I would really see those spotlight beam on the cockpit because in the earlier versions it crashed with DXGI.DLL error as you know. It's kind of sad that not working correctly as it should. Willing
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