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  1. Matthew Gervais

    Few Concorde Repaints

    Been playing around with the repaint kit, here are a few of my results! one issue i have is at night it looks as if Air France textures are dimly visible. if anyone has any pointers on this it would be appreciated!

    ayuda Freno A320

    Hola estimados. buenas tardes tengo el A320 p3d, tengo un problema con el freno de la aeronave estoy tratando de configurar el freno pero siento que el avion no frena presiono el punto y continua rodando.. estoy solicitando ayuda alguna persona que sepa configurar o alguna solucion tengo autorizacion de escribir en Español en el foro. saludos.
  3. Antonis Kastrinakis

    Chaseplane or Steve's Fixer?

    I know. Apples and oranges. But I do have a limited budget that gets updated from time to time by the CFO in the house and this time it's around the AU$50 mark. So, between these two utilities for FSX which one would you guys go with? Both mess with fsx.cfg as far as I know (which is the part that makes me nervous about them) but both claim to be able to roll back to a previous cfg if needed. I am currently using OPUS FSX (or is it FSI...whichever is the older version anyway) cameras with ASN weather and the two seem to sort of work together fairly well but there seems to be a con
  4. Dave Hoffman

    VAS and Performance tips!

    Hello all, I'm a new customer to FlightSimLabs, and I'm not disappointed. I have use both the boxed versions of FSX, and FSX-SE, and am now running Prepar3D and trying not to look back. Over the years, and in conference with a friend of mine who is also an avid simmer, I have discovered some performance enhancing techniques for your sim. Some of these can be easily found on the internet, but here, I am going to focus on P3D, and without getting too specific as to my system settings. The reason being that P3D is more stable than FSX, and is delicate, but more fault-tolerant. I
  5. Fritz_Essono

    FSL A320-X EZDOK v2 profile v1.0

    Version 1.0.2


    My first quick profile for EZDOKv2 (and Track IR) users.
  6. Hello All, First off, to the developers of this fine product.... You made a fine product! More than fine, it's absolutely amazing. It is the only aircraft I fly in FSX, and I love it. So, thank you. Pat yourselves on the back for what you have made. It is so complex, that I still haven't learned everything about it, I try and learn something new every time I fly it and i'm having a blast doing it. So on to my question: I always load up my aircraft how it is said to do so the manual. Load up the Trike, shut it down, then load the A320, and
  7. Hi, just wanted to share , maybe somebody will benefit from this thread. i was having api.dll ctd for days now and only in fslabs so far. a lot of threads says it has to do with fsx.cfg tweaks, and oom, or flights saved in the documents folder. I tested and tried a lot of workarounds, and found the main cause without changing my fsx.cfg tweaks or settings .( SweetFx ) i deleted evreything concerning sweetfx and reshade from fsx. at least for now its solved! and had no CTDs,
  8. FSL Spotlights crashes my fsx with FSL A320X installed
  9. Hi Lefteris, I can notice there is a MIP_1920X1200_CPTbmp into the the PanelBitmaps. But this file seems to contain black pixels, therefore the simulation might not currently feature 2D panel for 16/10 monitor... Do you confirm that ? Regards Fabrice ESTIENNE
  10. Alexandre Rodrigues

    FSLabs a320 screenshots

    The beautiful FSLabs A320 Leaving Keflavik towards Munich
  11. Antonis Kastrinakis

    EZCA v2

    Hi, thinking of getting the new EZCA v2 but I read somewhere that it is not compatible with ASN (which I currently use). Is this correct?
  12. Hi, do I need to update from .191 to .193 and is it worth? I do not have any problems with .191 and do not want to create some unnecessarily. Thanks Peter
  13. Recently I've been running into a minor issue. It's more annoying than anything, and it's just a minor inconvenience at takeoff. Recently, whenever I take off, the takeoff monitor lights do not turn green at 100 knots. Consequently, the virtual flight engineer calls out "100 knots, engine failure." All 4 takeoff monitor lights then turn green around roughly 150 knots. I also noticed they ignited several seconds later than normal. I'm not sure what's causing this. Yes, the reheats are properly armed and when I switch to an external view, they are on. The takeoff monitor button is
  14. Joshua Hamdorf


    Hi there, I heard in the new update that you can control the tiller without having to hold down the (,) key, but i cant seem to find how to do that? Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Andrea Bianchini

    Bouncing problem on A320X

    Hi guys! Thank you for your hard work and quick updates! I've noticed a problem on my FSX with FSL A320x version As soon as I start one engine it makes a small movement and starts waving softly in a not very noticeable way. Then i start taxing and things get worst. The cockpit is very very bouncy as you can see in the video I've made for you. Take off is really hard because shaking and movements get to an intensity level so high that i can hardly have control. Any idea? Thanks! He
  16. S_T_E_V_E S_U_M_M_E_R_S

    Update 191 vs 184

    Hi all, I just wanted to know whether I can skip updating to v 184 and go straight to 191? Rgds, Steve
  17. Gianluca Belardinelli

    CTD Because of uiautomationcore.dll

    Q: FSX crashes or hangs soon after loading the A320-X. A: Make sure you have applied the UIAutomationCore.dll fix (installed in the root FSX Directory) This is what I read from the FAQ but where can I find this FIX? After some minuted I've a CTD and looking the events it's due to C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\uiautomationcore.dll Regards Here the details of the error: - <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> - <System> <Provider Name="Application Error" /> <EventID Qualif
  18. Greetings, Folks, I am unable to here the demo announcement of the download file , except the default one. as per the instructions,what i understand is i need to extract the file to the respective Fslab 320 (IAE or CFM) folder ,with the same extension name as of repaint, picture enclosed. would be thankful to you if you could help me sort the issue.
  19. Joshua Hamdorf

    FSL sounds dynamic link library

    Hi guys I've recently updated to the v1.84 on the fslabs a320, and for some reason I keep getting this message that pops up if I click yes it crashes my fsx or if I click no my flight sim loads and then crashes only if I want to fly with the a320, does anyone know what I'm doing that's making this do what it's doing?
  20. Geoff Bryce

    Black Splash screen

    I should have left the last version alone, as it eventually worked well. Anyway, I just installed 184. Now when I fire up FSX, the Log in screen is there ok, but the splash screen where you see the aircraft spinning is black. If I launch anyway, the screen is all black. So, I must have goofed some where. Any ideas where to attack first? I saw a post with similar issues...saying to delete shaders... users/user/appdata/local/microsoft/fsx/shaders I did this, but no difference I recall when the install was happening it mentioned some thing about simconnect timed out etc.
  21. S_T_E_V_E S_U_M_M_E_R_S

    Pilot Routes (prior to installing Latest Update)

    Just a quick question, is it wise for me to save a copy of my Pilot Routes (ones I created manually) located in FSLNavData.bin file before I install the latest update? Rgds, Steve
  22. Edgar Luis Predabon Jr

    [Resolved] FSX BUG After Installing Update v1.0.1.184

    Look at what just happened after installing this new update: https://postimg.org/image/q2bpz1qwx/ Hope it has other sollution then a clean install...

    Details without solution

    I want to thank you for your time and read this post I have many doubts that even the support department has no answer The most serious is the brake, at the moment of turning the plane does not stop mandatory it is necessary to apply emergency brakes in my opinion should not work that way I want the developer team to understand that all the users who buy the plane are not millionaires and we all do not have pedals and yoke It is simply a passion that has become a headache I feel a bit disappointed that our comments are taken in the negative and ha

    disable license

    Hello Make a change of operating system windows I need to know how I can deactivate my license when making a change of windows or some new installation of simulator thanks.
  25. Oliver Soanes

    A320 Sound Problem

    Hi, I have been having an issue with the FSLabs Airbus A320-X for some time, on almost every flight. There are many bugs with the sounds. Firstly quite often when switching view, the APU sound (Air Conditioning and cooling sounds all disappear leaving just a whining sound. I double tap Q and nothing happens, the only way to fix it is to go into my cabin view with Ezdok, move outside the aircraft, then double tap Q, then go back to cockpit, and all sound is back. However, the main reason why I am writing is due to the frustration of my previous flight, spending an hour
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