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  1. Hardik Ramnani

    P3D TOGAvc (IndiGoAirlines) Custom VC Textures

    TOGAvc (IndiGoAirlines) Custom VC Textures View File ReadMe included! Custom VC textures for IndiGo Airlines A320 (includes all sorts of stickers placed at correct positions) some stickers might be missing since I could not find some HD pictures if you have any Cockpit pics of the IndiGo A320 do mail me! ENJOY more comping up for various carriers! TOGAvc Submitter Hardik Ramnani Submitted 09/12/18 Category
  2. Alexander Luzajic

    All good but Bus

    I missed the class about FSLSpotlights availability for every add-on. Nice and thank you. I am enjoying them really.... But Why I have no lights in any of FSL planes (A319 and A320), I have no idea (just defaults. Tried more or less everything. When I open manager, all is there but nothing is working, regardless if is on or off. When I move sliders, lights are flickering where they need to light but that's it. They can't stay on and lit. Bit confusing. I haven't installed or created my own preset, thinking that should be by default and good. Anyone has decent presets for FSL Bus
  3. Maurice Mockert

    How to create a custom Repaint / Livery

    Hello together, can someone of you tell my how to create a custom livery for the Airbus A320-X from FlightSimLabs? I have already downloaded the Paintkit with the Photoshop files inside. But how can I create an installer, like you can download it in the fslabs forum / livery section? Thanks for you help in advance! Greetings and always 3 green
  4. Klearchos Terpos

    Gsx Boarding

    Greetings, as I own GSX, I was wondering what is the most realistic setting for timings, bearing in mind that I fly for legacy airlines.
  5. Version 1.0.1


    A fictional (soon to be real) repaint of Lufthansa's Airbus A319 in their new paint scheme. This livery is painted to resemble most of the details of the real world D-AIZC. If you have noticed any bugs or issues with my repaint please PM me here on the forum or shoot me an email at maxdyba@icloud.com, I'll get back to you ASAP and release an update of any necessary changes
  6. James Bartlett

    Start up issues with the Sim

    Good afternoon all, Is anyone else having issues with Concorde X on start up. I had to do a windows reinstall so I'm running fresh V3.4 with V1.39 concorde X, no matter what the start up seems bugged out, I launch the Sim with a Piper 3J set for default scenario select concorde and click fly loads in she starts in a wheely and flops down everything is running then the annoying beep starts and everything cuts out all the gauges go weird and you cant cancel the beep ? I have also deleted the defaut scenario I created and launched P3D with the raptor on start selected concorde and launc
  7. Arunit Mukherjee

    Status Cat3 Inop

    Before engine start, the status page shows Cat3 Dual in the Inop system. This must be a bug as in the real aircraft this appears only under MEL or if there is an actual fault. Normal the status should be normal before pushback. Could you check.
  8. Arunit Mukherjee

    A320 hardware

    What panels; overhead, and Fcu are compatible with fslabs a320 in p3d? Also a good mcdu addon? I know of skalarki and vrinsight.
  9. Arunit Mukherjee

    List of failures

    Dear fslabs development team, thanks once again for your great work! Could we have a list of all sim failures implemented in p3d v4 a320, and also upcoming a319.
  10. Arunit Mukherjee

    FLS on a320/a319 p3d (F-LOC F-GS)

    Dear Andrew, Are you having any plans of implementing FLS system in the future?
  11. adambrewis

    FSL PMDG 747 Preset

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has a present for the PMDG 747? I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find one, and it seems like it would take a while to make one. Thanks
  12. Khoa Nguyen

    Mainboard CPU Temp

    Hi, My mainboard temp reaches 110°C (boiling ) and CPU is at 80°C while flying p3D / FSlabs. Anyone has same problem ? Thanks
  13. Jarred Evans

    Gaming PC + Fslabs

    Hi, I am asking on behalf of a friend who wishes to get into flight sim and fly the FSLabs A320. He currently has a Dell Gaming laptop, with the following specs. Would these be likely be enough to run P3D with FSLabs A320? He's not looking for like high settings but he just wants a stable flight sim pc. Let me know your thoughts. Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ - Quad-core - 2.8 GHz / 3.8 GHz (Turbo Boost) - 6 MB cache RAM 8 GB (2400 MHz) (32 maximum installable RAM) Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 - 4
  14. NOTE: Please read this post and the disclaimer carefully. This installation is not a "press this button and get the result" thing. It is farely complex and requires some computer knowledge. I tried to provide easy instructions but if you do not know what AppData and ProgramFiles directories are, you shold NOT do this, I'd strictly advise against it. The night lighting of the jetways used here is not particularly good and if you want maximum compatibility, please continue to use the orignal T2G Jetways. Hi, as you might know, I made a package of Terminal 2 SODE Jetways for EDDM
  15. David Murden

    8am Flight From EGLL to LSZH

    Enjoy! FSL A320 Flight BAW712 Push back Taxi T4 & T5 Break through South of Paris Heading to LSZH At the gate
  16. With v231 I now notice that if I have a display popped out while in the virtual cockpit and I then change to another cockpit camera angle, that all the popped out displays close which is quite frustrating. I used to be able to popout the lower DU for example and then shift to my overhead panel view, click the APU power switch and watch the synoptic page change to the APU page. This is no longer possible. Anyone else notice this change?

    Refund questions

    Hello I support fslab since the launch of A320 for FSX and then P3D the refund would be full 140$ from the installation my computer opens only the simulator and explore chrome , never imagine that something like this could happen sorry
  18. David Norfolk

    A319,a321, a320 SL

    I know this has been asked probably a million times but can we expect to be paying around the same amount we did for the a320 or will they be alot cheaper?
  19. Felix Caft

    Prepar3D V4.2 Compatibility

    Hello! Is the FSLabs A320x compatible with the Prepar3D Version 4.2 released today? Or will you make a Hotfix? Would be great! Thanks!
  20. Phoenix Pereira

    Concorde Prototype

    Hello all, i was just wondering if there was a Prototype skin for Concorde, would be nice to see the original Nose on Concorde Thanks
  21. K. Serhan Onur

    Over somewhere

  22. Brad Zimmer


    Does anyone have any experience with Chaseplane and the A320? I use Ezdok but am having issues in P3dv4. I looked at Chaseplane and on paper it looks like a better all around fit for me. I was wondering what people on here think. Are there profiles that we can use much like in Ezdok that others have created? Thanks!
  23. Matthew Cianfarani

    P3D [RESOLVED] A320 Spotlights INOP

    Hi guys, After a sim reinstall and consequently an airplane reinstall, the floodlights do not work anymore. The knobs move, but no light. The panel lighting works great, though. Spotlights is installed, and the manager says it's connected to V4. I'm not sure what the red, yellow, and white colour coding means in the manager, but I'll include a screenshot just in case something is wrong. I've tried a few plane reinstalls, and a few spotlights reinstalls. Each time they would be fully uninstalled before continuing. Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  24. Marcell Csendes

    [Resolved] Just bought FSA320X

    Hello! I just bought A320X! Wondering if FS SpotLights still available free of charge, so if bundled with the A320? As I can see it's not, however just asked it anyway Thanks! Marcell
  25. Stefan Geppert

    A320 EDDL/EDDH

    Finally the airplane and the simulator i have waited for many years! It looks just awesome and is so much fun to fly now. Enjoy some awesome looking screenshots: EDDL/EDDH
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