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  1. Hi guys, I bought the concorde a few days ago, I was departing from London Heathrow with pretty bad weather and passing through 3000ft the plane started rocking its wings from one side to the other pretty aggressively and only stopped rocking its wings at ~FL300. I think that was due to the fact of severe turbulence on those altitudes. Although I am not sure the aircraft behaved this aggressively in real life, is there any way to soften this effect like in some AS16 settings? I am using AS16 with ASCA. BTW this aircraft is amaz
  2. Kelvin Keeble

    British Airways FSX Concorde X

    British Airways FSX Concorde X View File FSX British Airways concorde x repaint, this is HD and creates more realism than the default textures, when in-flight the concorde had to be painted in special due to heat build up on the fuselage at mach 2.2, the concorde had a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04 (1,354 mph or 2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), with seating for 92 to 128 passengers. these are textures only. by kelvin keeble Submitter kkeeble741` S
  3. Fraser Gale


    Does anyone know if there is a file size limit when uploading to the downloads area on here? I have some training materials that some people might find interesting but it keeps failing during upload and the only thing I can think of is that there is a file size limit. Frazz
  4. Anamitra

    Morning into the Black

    We left the shores of England, and commenced our climb into the black. The darkness of Cardigan Bay was lost beneath us. The aircraft seemed like a bird of prey; feral even, as it thundered upward. Undoubtedly, residents of Wexford would be surprised if they looked upward and watched this elemental pass them by with scant regard.
  5. Anamitra

    concorde On a Winter Noon

    988 miles from the Azores. Between 51-52000 Feet; on Max Climb/Cruise, Mach 2.01; 84 passengers; ISA (-15); OAT (-71). 2016-12-28_18-15-29-547.BMP
  6. I was thinking what happen if a pressure lost during the supersonic cruise,do passanger have longer oxygen supply than normal planes? I don't think 15 minute in the normal planes is enouph for Concorde to slow to subsonic and descent to safe altitude. Is there a good Concorde QRH somewhere?
  7. Fredric Greenblott

    Powering up G-BOAD - Could it ever be done?

    I've been thinking, and this is just a theory: There are two Concordes that reside in the United States. Alpha Golf is in Seattle, and Alpha Delta is at the Intrepid museum. There are so many people that visit AD as it's in New York City and it is one of the highlights of the Intrepid museum and of New York in general. It is obvious that AD won't fly again, as her engines were removed and her hydraulic system was completely drained. However as far as I know, the GPU connector is still intact. With a generator, proper know-how and with the museum's permission, of course, we could v
  8. Ramón Cutanda

    Boom Supersonic: Concorde's successor

    Don't miss the FAQ at: http://boomsupersonic.com/
  9. Oscar Unwin

    Can't Install Concorde v1.35

    Hi all, I've purchased the Concorde, downloaded the installer, and when I enter my serial number, pressing the Next button causes the installer to crash with the message. The installer is unzipped in the downloads folder, running as an administrator, and I have deleted, and re-downloaded the installer. UAC, anti-virus and firewall were all also off when attempting to install. Windows 8.1 64bit, English (UK) Might not be related, but running FSX with SP2, DX9 with no shaders. FSX is NOT located within the C:\ Drive.
  10. the Concorde is my favorite jet ever and i love the Concorde x. I would buy the addon right away but there is one thing stopping me.its the BA union flag livery. It does not look like the real thing and that is why i use a different addon for the meantime. One thing I would like someone to do is please fix the union flag livery in some update you can download. even if its $10 extra. H the real union flag Concorde livery
  11. Fraser Gale

    RAS Lecture

    I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this or posted a link to this on here before but it is worth a watch. Some of the original, highly intelligent and highly respected pilots, flight engineers and managers are talking about Concorde in front of an audience full of many more former crews. Without the likes of David MacDonald, John Liddiard and Tony Meadows the Concorde operation many never have started. Well worth a watch!
  12. Hello and good day to all. I try to explane my problem to you: I start the aircraft in cold & dark state, i follow the tutorial to set up the aircraft, but at the point to move the 3 switches ( O&M ELEVONS, IN ELEVONS and RUDDER) on the lower hoverhead panel, the switches constantly returning automatically on the MECH positon. So i'm unable to engage the utopilot. Also I have the PFC light on, on the MWS. I have the Concorde 1.35 for FSX, running under Windows 7 64. Thank you for your help ! I really appreciate
  13. Eric Wacker

    [Solved] Concorde (V1.36) Crash

    Hello, yesterday i bought the concordeX for p3d and installed it successful, aswell as the CIVA. Afterwards i restarted my PC just as adviced. When i launched my p3d and loaded in with the piper cub at first, everything was still working, but once i choose the concorde, the loading screen didnt appear, p3d turned my monitor completle black, in taskmanager i saw directx-diagnosis program popping up and after about 10 seconds the game either crashed to desktop without any message or it was showing me "p3d doesnt work anymore". (The Questions) 1. Windows 10 64bit 2. P3
  14. Alexandru Vale 320

    Concorde in 4K

    Hello, I have recently upgraded my monitor to 4K. I have an issue when I try to run Concorde in 4K, the indications of all instruments (IAS, GS, INS, chronometers, N1, N2, etc) are out of scale, text being too large. I have played around with settings and found out it has to do with the way Windows 10 scales everything bigger to 150% due to the 4K resolution. If I switch it back to 100% scaling, Concorde looks normal but everything else is too small to be readable and makes the 4K resolution unusable. Is there any way to fix this apart from scaling everything back t
  15. Fraser Gale

    Concorde Exam 01

    Concorde Exam 01 View File This excel file will test your basic knowledge of some of the technical systems in Concorde. This is Exam set 1 and all questions are based on the information in the Data Sheets given to BA crews at the start of their conversion course. According to the Flight Crew Training Manual, the pass mark for the multiple choice tests was 75%. Your tests will be marked for you by the file and individual results displayed at the bottom of each test page, showing which questions you need to look at again. Good
  16. Hi guys , i wanted to flight concorde this morning after i upgraded my p3d to version 3.4 , i started the sim loaded the default aircraft at CDG then loaded up concorde from there , after a few seconds my sim CTD and a enigma warning message popped up , after i few attempts i started thinking that maybe the upgrade of the sim had to do something with it. so i uninstalled concorde X and wanted to reinstall it but unfortunately the installer do not recognises v3.4 as valid (see picture) options are greyed out , so can you guys help me with this ? New installers ?
  17. I have assigned a button on my Saitek throttle quadrant to FSUIPC's Traffic Zapper facility. This works fine with all my other aircraft. However, it doesn't work consistently with Concorde and I can't get to the bottom of the problem. The Ai aircraft is right in front of me, it can be seen in Traffic Explorer in FSX:SP2 and it also shows in Traffic Look - freeware supplied by Pete Dowson. So it definitely exists but pressing the button to remove the aircraft doesn't work. Most of the time I do hear the sound associated with the Zapper command but sometimes I don't. I can only think s
  18. Ray Proudfoot

    Concorde and the Rio Olympics

    With the Olympics starting on Friday I thought about flying Concorde down to Rio. Obviously the distance prevents a single leg but by stopping off in Las Palmas (GCLP) the second leg is just inside Concorde's max range. EGLL-GCLP is 1801nm and GCLP-SBGL is 3581nm. You will need to restrict pax numbers to 72. No point taking a full load to Las Palmas if they can't board for the second leg! 72 is a good number only made possible by the very cold upper air in the tropics I've uploaded the file containing the plans plus the CPS documents which give you all the info you ne
  19. Hi Guys! I've bought the Concorde X and i've been thinking about it. Why not there is the Prototypes 001 and 002 with theirs panel? They could be a Expansion Pack coming with the mission for example, to chase the Sun in a solar eclipse... The SSTSIM, for FS2004, come with prototypes and pre-series, but with the production panel. By the way, is there any flight plan to simulate the flight that chase the sun in a solar eclipse in 1973? What do you think about it? Regards. Cláudio
  20. Fredric Greenblott

    Max Cruise Problem

    So today I was flying BAW273 to Barbados on VATSIM today, and everything was going fine until MAX CRUISE started on the autopilot. However, once I got to FL490 and was about to hit M2.00, the MAX CRUISE light and MACH HOLD buttons on the autopilot came on as normal. But as soon as MAX CRUISE came on, the plane just stayed at M1.98 and began phugoid oscillations, going up and down about 200 feet or so at a +/-500fpm descent/climb rate and would not stop and would not increase speed past M1.98. What could be happening? Yes, the fuel load was set correctly for Barbados.
  21. Fredric Greenblott

    Paying a visit to Alpha Delta in NYC

    Today I was in New York City and I just HAD to stop by the USS Intrepid museum to pay G-BOAD a visit. It's so much bigger in person and it's just a marvel to see. Unfortunately you have to get a guided tour to go inside which I did not do. So, enjoy a few pictures of me giving Alpha Delta a visit! The old girl's probably sick of sitting around as a museum exhibit... http://prntscr.com/bpnzun http://prntscr.com/bpo1k4 http://prntscr.com/bpo28d http://prntscr.com/bpo2y5
  22. Hi there, I know that this problem has been discussed over many instances in the past, but I am still having it: The hung start at 15% N2, the engine that won't ignite when switching the HP Valves to on. The strange thing is: Sometimes the engine start works, sometimes it doesn't, although I follow exactly the same procedure every single time. My major question is: Which gauge in the panel shows me, apart from the vanishing light from the Ground-Call-Button, that start pressure is available? Could GSX be a problem?
  23. Fredric Greenblott

    Kudos to everyone who helped me out!

    Hey everyone, I just want to write this thanking everyone that helped me out from my very first post - I've read the tutorial and Concorde X is just an absolute joy to fly (However I still rely on the VFE for most of the fuel transfers... Haha). Kudos to everyone who helped me and the Concorde X Team - You're the ones who helped me even get in the air - Climbing to 60,000 feet even in simulation is truly a thrilling experience once you do it right!
  24. Fredric Greenblott

    concorde Attitude Indicator unresponsive???

    Hey, This is my first post on the forum. I downloaded Concorde X yesterday for FSX Steam edition, and everything works great and I love it so far, but the main attitude indicator is unresponsive and will not go up or down. It only stays level and only moves when you hit the "test" button. The backup attitude indicator works just fine, though. What could be wrong and how do I fix it? Thanks!
  25. Version v.1.0


    Created by Vassilis Gartzonikas, a member of Olympic Air Virtual, this is the FSLabs Concorde-X in Olympic Air (white) colors!
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