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    Hello everyone, With the news of the Prepar3D v4.5 hotfix 1 update now released, I am happy to announce that our compatibility update for the A320-X and A319-X is now live and available through our download page. Here's some key items added / improved in this update: Added compatibility with Pushover application EGPWS predictive logic (TAD/TAF/RFCF) GSX messages now suppressed for cabin/cargo door notifications Refuel now synced to GSX2 Fuel Hydrant Corrections for flaps timings As always, we'd like to thank you, our customers, for your continued support! Cheers! Here's the complete change log of the A320-X / A319-X update (P3Dv4) v2.0.2.352: Airline packs Various fixes ATSU Fix for takeoff perf runways Added ATC Online list to COMM page Several small fixes Fix for PFPX zero fuel weight info Slot notification callsign logic fix Limit OFP Fuel to 18700 OFP Block fuel rounding up logic fix ALTN missing logic fix Printing logic fixes Crew config logic fix IVAO ATIS logic fix No STD results in slot change fix STD logic fixes Pushover app 'printing' now enabled Doors Arming logic tied to FWC phase now EGPWS Predictive mode logic added (TAD/RFCF/TCF) ELAC AP disconnect protections added C star logic improvements AP disconnects on pause fixed Engines / FADEC CLB limit logic fix External Model CFM Engines decal fix CFM flap marking overlay animation fix Various small geometry fixes Flaps Flap actuation logic fixes FSL Configurator Fixes for missing cfg files and building cfg files GSX Key mapping fix Lighting Flood panel light knob state save/load enabled Beacon light size adjusted MCDU INIT A GND TEMP now not shown in flight Payloads Airframe weights page added to MCDU OPTIONS Passenger configuration parser logic added to protect against imbalance Weights units logic fix Printing Now supports virtual printing to Pushover app Virtual Cockpit glareshield text overlay clipping fix
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    Hello all, On Sunday 5th of May at 19:00 Athens local time (1600Z), Olympic Air Virtual has arranged a group flight to honor the memory of our good friend Mike Ionas who left us so unfairly, so early. It is the minimum tribute we can pay to the man who unselfishly gave so much to the hobby. It is our way of honoring our friend, OAV's president, a pillar of our support team, a fellow human. It’s a call to all of our pilots to devote a few hours to that end and we hope that there will be as much response as possible. We await you all at 1600Z at Heathrow airport to honor in our own special way, the memory of Mike Ionas. Though he left us so early, he will be forever in our hearts. More details can be found here.
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    Hi all - Our testing teams are busy this evening putting some air under the wings of the next release. I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain some of the changes we've made since our last release a few weeks ago. Pushover Support With kind assistance from Gerard Beekmans, the update will now support Pushover - which can be used to push any printouts from the FMGS to any number of devices that have the Pushover app installed. It's very easy to setup - simply register at (https://pushover.net) and then create an API token using the attached icon. Download the pushover app for iPhone/iPad or Android. Then in your Addons/FSLabs/PUSHOVER.ini, add the following details: [Pushover] user=<Your pushover user key> token=<Your API Token key> device=<A comma separated list of devices you want to push to> Once you've added those details, load the A319-X/A320-X and navigate on the MCDU to DATA -> PRINTERS and select Pushover at the bottom. Anytime you print from the MCDU (or any auto-prints) will be pushed to the devices you specified. None of the scripts that Gerard kindly provided to our customers as an interim solution are required. Icon file to use with Pushover: Printing IMPORTANT - If you enabled 'Soft Print' in the printing options of your POS58 - turn this off. You'll find new printing options under MCDU->DATA->PRINTERS. We've added more options that will allow users to customise the printing preferences, such as margins and font sizes. Airframe Options We have taken your feedback on-board from build 347 and re-engineered some of the airframe options infrastructure. To explain briefly, the airframe configurations are now only (and freshly) built once an airframe is installed; using either a specified configuration file linked to the airframe registration (that re-painters may include, if desired), or the configuration settings specified with an installed Airline Pack. The new infrastructure will allow customers to share airframe settings for airline fleets more easily. We will be updating our British Airways airline pack to support airframe data for the British Airways fleet, including A319, A320 (and soon, A321!). I anticipate our other airline packs will be updated in due course. Any subsequent changes made through the MCDU OPTIONS pages are now retained. The whole process is designed to be automated and with little intervention from the customer. But for those of you who wish to customise your airframes, please check the attached document for details on how you can now apply specific airframe settings. A320-X Aircraft Options.pdf Lefteris w ill post the complete list of fixes that have gone into the next update with the release. A320-X Aircraft Options.pdf
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    Hi all – A quick update on where we are: our teams have been busy testing with P3D v4.5.12 this week. We are still working some minor issues that we feel require addressing before releasing the update to our customers. We do appreciate everyone’s patience whilst we finalise the next update for release.
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    A new build is going to our testing teams this morning. We are confident this will be our release build.
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    @mattyshigh To be fair though there is no real argument or point. Why must people be the very first to jump to an update? Nobody has forced any users to upgrade to a hotfix. We work pretty much completely outside of the SDK to get you things that others do not. A new version, even the smallest, from LM will break things. Sometimes in very spectacular fashion. In the short time between 4.5 and it's hotfix we had already added additional new or refined features, all of which are coming at zero financial cost to the customer. That's a whole lot of work no business should be expected to simply throw away just to allow instant gratification. Work continues - literally 24/7 both in coding and testing. To give some perspective, in the last 24 hours most of us testers have went through 3 new builds addressing a number of issues that have surfaced. In much the same way we want to allow customers the chance to use the 320x with the hotfix soonest, we have to ensure its not met with countless "how could the testers not have seen xxx". So yes its on its way as soon as possible but not before its ready.
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    All of the above and lots more, yes.
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    As always, we'll be giving our beta team the opportunity to test with P3D v4.5.12 before we release an update to our customers.
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    Version 1.0.0


    New cabin textures for easyJet. Hope you'll like it Featuring the 3 differents cabins that you'll find IRL on easyJet's planes ! by Hugo Bicho - New cabin seats / all the cabin has been improved - Ex. Air Berlin cabin with the old FAP showing Air Berlin's logo - New cabin seats of easyJet's newest A/C - And good old seats available inside their 319 For remarks or some reports : HB-TEXTURES on facebook
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    Good job guys, always the same people, blaming you for needin time to relaese the update, but if you release it without beta phase instand, the same people will blame you, for releasing a bad update if there are issues. So take you time and deliver such great work As Always
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    Hi Lars, It's not cosmetic - you can adjust the boarding configuration, within limits. For example, British Airways have a config on some of their A321's of 154/23/59/72 - which puts 23 in 'business' and the rest in OB/OC. An easyJet cabin layout, with no business cabin, would typically be split 3 ways - i.e. 180/60/60/60. I've done some more work in this area included in the next update: we do parse these cabin configurations and there is now logic to prevent an improper distribution. I.e. you cannot have something like 150/12/42/96. This would put the ZFCG too far aft - and so the simulator would reconfigure this to even out sections OC/OB with, for example: 150/12/69/69. Any cargo would then be loaded further forward to yield a MACTOW around 28%-32%. Customers should certainly see a more balanced load.
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    The plan is for a Sharklet title to be done after the release of the A321. Mind you we don't just slap some polygons onto the wingtips. We'll also provide you with the necessary internal changes such as aerodynamics, performance and avionics revisions.
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    To be fair, I imagine the P3D platform being a bit annoying for the FSL-team at times as well. Remember, they waited with the release of the big update until 4.5 came out, to avoid having to release two updates within a few weeks. Now I'm sure they were surprised/frustrated as we were when LM messed up and 4.5 came out with instantly in need of a hotfix. Besides, Luca, if you state/know that they have "never released a compatibility update fast", I don't understand why you don't just wait a couple of days until you update P3D? .... I'm on a perfectly running 4.4 right now, and I didn't have a single day without sweet time in the bus ....
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    With respect Luca, FSL have a large team of beta testers behind the scene. Many work either flying, fixing, alongside or within the real aircraft - so they're pretty clued up in how she works . What you have to remember is that stuff you may not notice, but they will, may mean you have all sorts of other issues further down the line, which might well happen if they released it when you deemed necessary. With software so complex I think saying that because two streams have gone well (or however many there were) it doesn't mean the release is sound and stable, they do much more rigorous testing than that. In fact they have had issues that have arisen and have been fixed as mentioned in and around the forums. Judging by your rant it sounds to me like you've lost your original passion for actually simming. If you are that outraged by updating things why not just fly on 4.4 or even 4.5 without the hotfix and wait until everything is compatible. Then update when you know you'll have a bit of time spare. You can sit back, have a takeaway, glass of vino (or whatever takes your fancy) and be thrilled to see the sight of the progress bars on installers make their way to 100% ready for a nice day of flying the next morning! Anyway, in all seriousness FSL don't want to sit on this update, why would they? When they assess the build as suitable for release I'm sure we will get it. If X-Plane is such a marvelous platform then why come and complain to the devs here, about a flight sim that's not made by them, just saying. Enjoy your sim - don't let it stress you out!
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    We're not working on a simple compatibility update. You'll also get new features and many bug fixes. That's why it takes a little bit longer. So for all that money you've paid you get an aircraft that is constantly being developed and improved. We can only hope that you'll find this worthy of a few days of delay.
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    Hi, as Andy has said, a FFS is a ‘simulator’, not a real aircraft. In my company we have 4 320 FFS and each flies slightly differently to the other, and also slightly differently to the real aircraft. As an 320 captain I adjust my technique a little between the sims and aircraft. A FFS is a great training and evaluating tool, but the real aircraft is where it really matters so I think the FSL method of using real pilot’s inputs to the testing is the right way to go to get the best PC 320 simulation they can. The added issue for PC simulators is that there are so many variables in PC hardware, software and flight sim hardware that it is inevitable that differences in handling will be encountered whereas the 320 FFS machines are checked and approved against an official standard. Enjoy the FSL Airbus as it is, by a long way, the best Airbus simulation you can get on a home PC [emoji6].
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    Glad to hear you had an enjoyable experience in the sim. Just a quick note on this topic to say that we avoid using FFS's for our development. Whilst they can simulate certain features very accurately, they are also 'simulators' and therefore could potentially exhibit differences. All of our R&D is conducted on the real aircraft thanks to the 30+ pilots we have working with us. I don't think we've ever used a FFS for anything.
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    LH1814 | EDDM - LEBL
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    Version 1.0.1


    New cabin textures for Lufthansa. Hope you'll like it Featuring cabins that you'll find IRL on Lufthansa's planes ! by Hugo Bicho - New cabin seats / all the cabin has been improved Many thanks to @Pascal Ad for all the pictures For remarks or some reports : HB-TEXTURES on facebook
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    Hi Norman, I suggest putting a large banner at the top of the forums with "Not Compatible with P3D v4.5 Hotfix" perhaps surrounded by flashing lights, tickertape and a hooter that goes off if you try and post that the bus isn't working.
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    I will release this animal, once the next update is out...
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    Hotfix 2? I'm on the LM beta team, we never had a HF2
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    We'll release it when it's ready.
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    Hi guys! I just noticed that I haven't shown any pictures for a long time! On the way to Malaga: ... to Tenerife: Two times Bhutan: At Olbia: Approaching Rhodes: ... Hamburg: ... and Salzburg! Have a nice weekend everybody!
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    Ah Lars has said - the new system really just works behind the scenes. You don't need to do anything. You shouldn't need to edit any files - any changes you make through the MCDU OPTIONS will be written to the airframe and retained. You can even now set the airframe reference weights through the MCDU. The registration configuration files and/or airline packs just offer an initial set of parameters that are used to configure any newly installed airframe. Once an airframe is installed, you may change any of the settings under MCDU/OPTIONS and they will be saved to that airframe. Nothing will change/write over those, unless you choose to 'reset' that airframe - forcing its settings to be re-generated next time you load the aircraft. I think once customers start using the update, it will become very clear how this all works.
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    There will be no further products for the FSX platform.
  34. 5 points
    happens every time when there is a update to p3d
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    You run a non normal using your company QRH and the aircraft responds exactly according to procedure.
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    Version 0.8


    This utility takes a series of plain text files in a CSV-like format and transforms them into a checklist in HTML format with embedded JavaScript that allows you to select each line item to highlight it, marking it as completed. The generated code is set to autosize based on your screen size so it will work on desktops and mobile devices alike. Included is a PDF setup guide that walks you through the configuration and data entry. Currently there are no actual checklists provided yet but you can construct your own from a QRH or the Normal Procedures guide FSLabs provides. A future update will have a full pre-canned checklist included for convenience. For now this tool gives you the framework to allow for creating any kind of checklist you need.
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    Austrian Airlines would be nice!
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    I am pretty shy to post a topic with a name like this. But finally - after a long time.. This is in my opinion - the PERFECT MIX of addons you can actually enjoy! And now sit back, relax and enjoy Boarding is starting while the refueling is done! Such a beautiful view! PDC received! Thanks by Jakob // Austria vACC (VATSIM)! Pushback in progress. My tail-shadow on the terminal. Enjoying the last view before we get cleared for taxi. There we are. "Eurowings 5922, taxi via Exit 11 and M, A3 holding point RWY29." The details matters!! (Watch in Full-Size!) Airborn on the OSPEN4C departure. Can't get enough! Addons used: Prepar3D v4.4FlightSim Labs A320-XFlyTampa Vienna 3.0 REX Sky Force (Technical Beta) HifiSim ActiveSky Next FSDreamteam GSX v2 FlAi (VATSIM) Austria vACC (VATSIM)
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    Hoppie is a protocol for ACARS and CPDLC messages. These are used for communication between aircraft and (virtual) airline operations centres, as well as between aircraft and suitably-equipped Air Traffic Control units. If you fly on VATSIM, for instance, controllers who have installed an apporopriate plugin on their end can use the Hoppie ACARS system to respond to Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) requests -- you access this through the PDC section of the MCDU, fill in the blanks and send it off, and the controller responds with your clearance (typically with a click of a button rather than having to type a long clearance out or transmit it on voice -- in real life the system is actually completely automated). This helps ease radio congestion at busy airports and potentially reduces controller workload. Likewise there is a similar process for Oceanic clearance requests. The A319/A320 at present does not support full CPDLC (where the aircraft connects to an ATC centre and instructions are sent and acknowledged in the form of pre-formatted text messages -- there's also other useful things like ADS-C position reporting over the North Atlantic which eliminates the need for voice position reports and so on). However, watch this space on that (and again, that will all work over the Hoppie protocol). Finally, as you know you can also send free text messages between the aircraft and a ground station or from aircraft to aircraft (though this feature is generally not used extensively in real life as in reality there is a charge associated with each message -- fortunately not something we have to deal with in the sim!).
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    Yes, not a lot of people on here blessed with patience.
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    Hi Daniel, I would have thought my post 24 hrs ago in this very thread was pretty clear as have Andrew‘s before that. No, the version you and others have is not compatible. In regards to your second post, I touched on that also. Updating is super simple and straightforward. Start the new installer. Let it do its job. A minute later its all done. Esellerate have no part in the update.
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    Still enjoying flying the FSLabs A319/A320 on Pd3 v4.4. Patiently waiting and will not update P3D to v4.5 until FS Labs Team release their update, I cannot understand why anyone would jump straight in and Update P3D to 4.5 before the FS Labs update.
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    I rather be patient and wait until it all works hundred percent than having a rush update and you will have issues.So let the beta testers in peace and let them do what they do best.We all new that the bus would not work with the fix so why update P3D?I still have mine on 4.4 and I’m happily flying until update comes.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The combination of the modified PFPX OFP and FlightsimLabs regex file adds capture of Cost Index and TOC temperature. Be sure to view the README file !
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    St. Petersburg Las Vegas, Baby. Ex-Zurich Into Budapest
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    Yes, ELAC L97+ will feature on our Sharklet titles.
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    Just a single shot of today's EJU394Q LIMC-LIEO.
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