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vPilot Pushover and Hoppie Notifications 0.3

About This File

This plugin to vPilot will relay incoming messages to Pushover and/or Hoppie ACARS.

When using Pushover, messages will arrive directly on your configured mobile devices.

When using Hoppie ACARS, the message is sent as a telex which can subsequently be picked up by the ATSU sub-system.

FSLabs' ATSU can in turn can also automatically sent such incoming telex messages to Pushover so you don't need to enable both at the same time. You might opt to enable both to ensure the plugin works in both modes as this is still early beta code and there are undoubtedly some bugs to work out.

What's New in Version 0.3   See changelog



Added the install-plugin.exe program which will automatically detect your vPilot installation folder and copy the plugin DLL file into it. You'll still need to manually create, copy or update the vPilotNotifications.ini file if you have one from a previous version.

Configuration File Format

The configuration file format has changed. You will get a popup message when starting vPilot if your configuration file is not compatible.

Please see instructions below on the current configuration format. The easiest thing to do is use the provided sample configuration file, add your various Pushover and Hoppie tokens and codes from your existing file in the vPilot Plugins directory and replace the file you had previously created.

If the plugin configuration file is going to change in the future again, we'll add code to automatically convert it.

Private Relay Updates

This version allows you to better fine tune the type of Private Messages that you relay – either all incoming Private Messages or only "contact me" type of messages from ATC.

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