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A320-X Bravo Throttle Bindings 1.1 1.1

About This File


Please refer documentation included for all bindings , if you have any questions or issues please let me know , any improvements or suggestions are also welcome.

Most of the binds are accomplished using ROTOR_Brake codes from mouse click events. 

I am looking for a way to program the lights currently .  If anyone has resources or ideas on how to add that I'm all for doing the work to complete it.  I'll let you all know now I'm nowhere near a JSON expert nor Programmer.  I script like and IT Administrator and speak  VB / Bash / Pwrshell so i can learn at least and willing too.


Version 1.1 Update

- Fixed Directional Movement of Trim Wheel for proper directional movement.

- Added PDF of Center Switches you can print out and lay on top of the switches gravity does a nice job keeping it in place.

      - Brought to you by twitch.tv/Airbusftw 

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