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FSLSpotLights (32bit) for FSX / P3D v3 - 1.0 - Build 38

About This File

Flight Sim Labs, Ltd. announces the availability of FSLSpotlights, a revolutionary new product for Flight Simulator X (Steam edition included) and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D that allows the simmer to import and control up to 20 different fully three-dimensional dynamic spot lights in any existing aircraft virtual cockpit.

Each light can be used individually as a single lamp or put together in groups with a single on/off switch and a brightness regulator control.

Light attributes (beam position, direction, angle, range, attenuation, color) can be modified and parameterized to provide the correct look and feel depending on desired light type: This way, the user can add narrow focused lights to shine on map holders or tray tables, series of smaller lamps for main panel flood lighting or wide dome lamps for turning a dark cockpit into a lit area. Each lamp holds its own attributes which can be tweaked using a configuration manager that runs as a separate process and communicates continuously with Flight Simulator X, giving the simmer an unlimited number of lighting configurations and setups.

What's New in Version 1.0 - Build 38   See changelog


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  • Compatibility with P3D v3.4.22.19868 (HotFix3)
  • Compatibility with Concorde-X v1.40 and A320-X v1.0.1.310 (03 Dec 2018 release).


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