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Random Payload Generator 3.0

About This File

Random payload generator in Excel format.

Choose aircraft, config and purpose of flight and hit the button. (Be sure to activate macros).

The purpose will influence the minimum amount of passengers (less chance of a half empty plane on a holiday flight) and the bags (pieces) per passenger (might be more than one per pax on an holiday flight & not every one on a business trip is checking baggage in etc.).

Passenger weight: 84kg
Bag weight: 17kg

Male/Female/Child distribution just for immersion, does not affect total passenger weight.


What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


Changelog v3.0:

- Transition from Excel to web based version
- Added A321
- More/Individual seat configs (max seats) selectable
- Added flight types "Charter" and "Mixed". Renamed "Leisure" to "Holiday"
- Added optional Mail cargo
- Optimizations of some calculation logics
- Changes to layout and stucture
- Added some explainations

- Temporarily removed passenger manifest (WiP)
- Temporarily removed PDF function (WiP)

Please remember this is just a little free fun project and in active development.

Please visit the new Payload Generator here:

All the best and stay healthy everyone,


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