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Airbus A320 Build Progress

Ben Lim

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2 minutes ago, Vincent Twisker said:

Awesome job! That must be a pleasure to run with FSLabs. Are those original panels? Homebuilt motorized TQ? I would love to learn some more about your project.


Hi Vincent - this sim is not running FSLabs - as you are aware the cockpit or professional edition has yet to be released. The flight deck is using OEM parts. I hope to see if I can migrate to FSLabs A320X when it is released. The original trim wheels have been motorised and interfaced with a Pololu JRK board. More information on my blog at http://www.soarbywire.com

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Vincent Twisker

Thanks for the reply Ben. I will check out your blog. Once again very nice work. I do hope FSLabs will soon have better support for the homebuilders, not only for Skalarki. 

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Gregory Bally

Hi Ben,

Congrats ! this is amazing...

Just as an info, could you share the estimate budget of such project ?

I need to start saving  :-))



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On 2/4/2020 at 3:25 AM, Ben Lim said:

Well, its been a few years of building; its finally in a semi-usable state; flightdeck building and interfacing building continues to this day




I guess you used original parts and liners, since you have used liners from a former EIS1 aircraft?

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