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Random Screenshot Thread

Tobias Gövert

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After some testing.....  I think I don't like EA after all. While there are some beautiful over-the-clouds moments, I get very ugly views of the surface with strange distant buildings and over all tone.



Those buildings in the background an the washed out/hazy ground textures... not sure I care for that.


Compared to EA turned off, I think I will stick with this option:




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20 minutes ago, Artur Araripe said:


First time plane spotting with my new digital camera! Incredible 0.5 megapixels of quality and it uses floppy disks as storage media!

You're describing exactly the challenges while creating this livery. It's very hard to find any good images for graphic reference. Not a problem with 2010+ aircraft, but back in 1995, 10 megapixel wasn't a thing yet.

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Artur Araripe

Yup. In the late 90s, the high-end digital cameras were nearing 2 megapixels and that was it. Low res, insanely expensive and chonky. We used to have one. Lots and lots of blurry pics of little Ara playing on Microsoft Office 97. 



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11 hours ago, Stu Antonio said:

Almost finished. Get ready for some 90s holiday :D



1 hour ago, BenjaminBeyer said:

Thank you for the great AB Paint:)



Stoooooppp that! Otherwise we will not see Sharklets anytime soon! Those retro babys didn't have the opportunity to wear them :D 

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