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Found 21 results

  1. Alfredo Terrero

    Disable cabin sounds

    How can the cabin announcements/safety briefing be disabled? Is the only solution to delete the files in documents/p3d v4 addons, etc etc?. I think the sounds are a great touch, and I’ll use them most times, but sometimes I want to listen only to the engine start sounds, which are truly superb in the v4 version.
  2. Manuel Tramard

    Surround 5.1 A320X

    Hello, Here is my problem, I have speakers in 5.1 and I realized that the A320-X was not compatible with this one, because some of the A320's sound is not broadcast like the alarms, the sound of the cabin etc ... Indeed, I am obliged to reparamétré my speakers in stereo. My question is: Is the 5.1 format to be implemented someday? because everyone now has headphones and speakers in 5.1 ... I thank you in advance for your answers
  3. Matt LaMay

    Replacement Cabin Sounds

    Replacement Cabin Sounds View File These are replacement cabin sounds for the boarding, in-flight, and deboarding phases of flight. They were recorded on an American Airlines A321. And as such, are better suited for the American carriers as opposed to the default sounds that were obviously recorded on a European flight. Props to FSLabs for making a system that makes these sounds even possible! These sounds have only been tested in p3d v4.1, so I don't know if they will work in FSX or any other variant. MAKE BACKUPS of your original files first. If
  4. Version 1.0.0


    These are replacement cabin sounds for the boarding, in-flight, and deboarding phases of flight. They were recorded on an American Airlines A321. And as such, are better suited for the American carriers as opposed to the default sounds that were obviously recorded on a European flight. Props to FSLabs for making a system that makes these sounds even possible! These sounds have only been tested in p3d v4.1, so I don't know if they will work in FSX or any other variant. MAKE BACKUPS of your original files first. If you do not, only a full reinstall of the aircraft will restore the defa
  5. Craig Udseth

    New Sound Immersion Feature

    First a little backround: I have FSX SP2 and Win10, which I was forced to install to accommodate my high-end equipment upgrade. After MS finally fixed their broken upgrade, I discovered that my version of ConcordeX (v1.2) would not work with Win10, so I upgraded to v1.3. I had read Lefteris's prologue on the version and remember him mentioning something about a sound upgrade but just thought it meant new more accurate wave files. On my first flight in my new upgraded plane, however, I was frustrated because the sliders in the FSX sound menu kept changing on their own and would
  6. Carlos Alvarez

    Flight plan v4 / Sound issues?

    Hello! After completing my first route i can't make a new one the FMC wont let me erase it. (Sec FP is not an option to use as a return flight). I no idea if this is an issue. how can i erase to make a new FP? Sound... the environment sound in general is to low, i cant recall 100% but in the previous version of p3d v3 we could adjust the sound individually in the MCDU.
  7. Aaron Lee

    Name That Sound

    Hello fellow A320 fanatics! As we patiently look forward to the release of the new A320, I thought I'd provide a little A320 trivia for you. I bet most A320 fans here may be familiar with this sound but do you know what it is? Would be cool to have this sound implemented but it's external only and only under certain conditions so probably not the best investment of development time to reproduce this. Let's hear your answers die-hard Airbus fans! A320_Name that sound.mp3
  8. Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt

    P3Dv4 Sound Engine

    Hi. 1st, I don't know if this topic is correctly placed under the General discussion forum. Since I don't have issues with the audio of my copy I don't think it is eligible to be in the Sounds forum, but I leave it up to the moderators. The thing: as the new update for P3Dv4 comes closer and closer I'd like to ask about one thing that caught my attention. U guys are saying that you are building a new sound engine for the plane. Could you expand a bit on that? What are -in a nutshell- the features of this engine? . Let me try to grab the whole arm now... Since audio is somethi
  9. Good evening, I am having a problem with the FSLABS Airbus A320X. I use FSX with Acceleration Pack. The issue exists with both IAE and CFM versions. I have four Intel i5 processors, a ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card, only DirectX 10 and Windows 7. Monitor resulotion on the main monitor is 1920x1080 and on the second monitor 1280x1024 (only used for task manager an vpilot, FSX is running in window mode on main monitor). Antivirus is running. No Matrox Powerdesk software is used. Version of Binaries is v1.0.1.197 Version of Resources is v1.0.1.196 Version of SpotLights is v
  10. i_dona04

    Cockpit sounds problem

    Hi. I've recently bought this amazingly a320, but I have a problem with the sounds inside the VC. I'm can't hear any of all gpws sounds, or master caution alarm, any altitude callouts, no AP disengage alarm, no fire teste APU/ENGINE alarm. I have this problem only with this plane, with other plane all works perfectly: I don't have any problem with PMDG or AES a320. I don't know what to do. I've already opened a support ticket but nobody has answered to me. thanks for the help!,
  11. Andreas Guther

    Sound issue (not new)

    Hello, I'm experiencing a minor sound issue with a background noise (I don't know what component it is). It seems that the sound is not played based on the direction of view but on the direction of airplane which might be not correct. The issue was already in build 174 and is still present in 184. Here is a video of it: BR, Andreas
  12. Oliver Soanes

    A320 Sound Problem

    Hi, I have been having an issue with the FSLabs Airbus A320-X for some time, on almost every flight. There are many bugs with the sounds. Firstly quite often when switching view, the APU sound (Air Conditioning and cooling sounds all disappear leaving just a whining sound. I double tap Q and nothing happens, the only way to fix it is to go into my cabin view with Ezdok, move outside the aircraft, then double tap Q, then go back to cockpit, and all sound is back. However, the main reason why I am writing is due to the frustration of my previous flight, spending an hour
  13. With all the expertise that went into the A320X sound set - would you be willing to recommend a reasonable sound set? I know that purists will probably refuse and tell me that they need to look at the room first, but I thought I would ask this question rather here than in other fora as I appreciate the quality of the discussion here. Best, Holger
  14. Gerald Krutsch

    Wiper and engine sound while taxi

    Hello guys just another sound question. Today I landed into Munich with moderate rain. Turned on the wipers (why not LOL) and while turning the plane it seemed like the sounds where staying in the same orientation (as if you turned your head away from the windshield). Something simmilar happens with other cockpit sounds but since they are not that loud as the wipers, you tend to ignore the fact that turning the plane actualy "turns" the sound source.
  15. Vasiliy

    Strange sound behaviour

    Hello, Beautiful model, with highly detailed system sounds, although I have a question and wondering if it's just me or other users have that. Using FSX SE, fresh install. The engine sound slider (inside FSX menu) gets adjusted by itself, for example I would bump it to 100% and with some time I see it is back to 50%. MCDU sounds set to 100% P.S. It just does it when either you change views, or shutdown/start the engines. Therefore all startup/shutdown sounds get lost, slider just mutes them by itself. R
  16. Hello, Sometimes, like 5% of the time after starting up the engines, and everything normal a warning annoying non Stop Beeping Sound begins the same sound Like when you're over-speed or autopilot disconnected. And this Sound doesn't go whatever I do. although there is nothing wrong in config or warning or whatsoever. in all cases I recorded a 10 sec video just for you to know what I mean. and it remains during all the flight ............................ fsx 09-26-2016 13-35-27.mp4
  17. Safak Cayli

    GSX and Sound Issue

    Hi Everybody; First of all thank you for this amazing addon. I have 2 issue I tried to reinstall but still I have them. Sound Issue I dont hear calloust (FMGS site I selected ) , warning sounds (AP disconect , fire test ect. ) , Throttle detend click sound. All other sounds like push buton are working well. What could be the reason? And When I tried to use GSX I alwasy get parking brake set message. Even parking brake set. Thanks. Safak CAYLI
  18. Stavros Palatsidis

    Cannot change sound device

    Hi FSLabs! First, a big "thank you" for this awesome aircraft. I noticed that once the A320 loaded to FSX, I cannot change sound device. For example, if I load it with speakers active, then, no matter if I'll change the default device to my pc and to FSX sound settings, the sound of A320 remain to the sound device that was active when it was loaded to FSX. Of course, all the other FSX sounds can be changed. Am I doing somethnig wrong, or indeed sound can't be changed once the A320 will be loaded to FSX?
  19. Tarikat

    Sound install options

    Hi, is it possible to get an install option for "sounds" ? For example this cockpit blower sound without self tets (continuously) and this "sweep frequency" wher the blower starts like in the video at 2:42 and the APU Bleed when it's slow down the rpms at 3:30 regards
  20. PaulSmithGW

    Engine Sound Volume

    Is there any way for me to reduce the volume of the engine sounds by chance? I greatly appreciate the sounds but they're slightly a bit too loud for my headset. - Thanks for the help!
  21. Fraser Gale

    Sound And Pitch Bugs

    Hello all, I was wondering about two things: Firstly, is there a way to split the amibient sounds (wind noise, master warning, over speed etc) from the EO and FO call outs? I would like to be able to send the voice callouts to my headset via a separate audio output on my PC and have the other sounds come from my speakers. I know you can do this in the FSX sound settings but it seems to have Ne effect on Concorde's sound. Any suggestions? Also, is there a way to get the pitch bug in the ADI to be adjusted from my yoke switches? Many thanks in advance of any help. TF
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