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Found 9 results

  1. Raoul Disteldorff

    Autopilot 1 Problem

    Good evening fellow captains! On my recent flights I encountered yet another new problem.... I cannot, for the love of god, get AP1to work anymore and follow commands, if I engage AP1 at around 4000 feet, the Concorde goes straight pitch down into the ground, it doesnt respond to any AP commands (HDG TRK, PITCH HOLD etc) AP2 works fine, funny enough.. I followed the checklists by the line as I always (99% ) do.. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Any help would be much much appreciated!
  2. Raoul Disteldorff

    Artifical Horizon problem / bug

    Good day, I am loosing a bit of faith here to be honest, my Concorde X only loads up correctly 1 in 10 times, for the rest I always see this weird blacked out ADI.... I am using a default scenario (Piper with engines off), I also tried loading the Piper first and then switching to Concorde in P3D itself without success... I reinstalled P3D v3 just for the Concorde so there are no other complex aircraft add ons installed into P3D v3. Has anyone got a clue on what could be the culprit causing this issue? As it is really frustrating needing to restart P3D 10 times in order to be able to perform a flight ( Systems seem to be working fine despite the weird looking ADI, I manage to start the engines and align the INS without any problems)
  3. Benjamin Hennes

    A few

    Hi! A few images from a little session around the default airport as well as an image after landing in Frankfurt. Enjoy!
  4. Hi All Is the secondary flightplan already implemented in the A320? When I want to do a secondary e.g. for a quick return it says not yet implemented - however, I saw a tutorial on youtube by blackbox711 (channel) using the p3dv4 A320 where a secondary flightplan was shown...? Maybe the secondary flightplan in p3dv3 was forgotten ? Or is the p3dv3 A320 no longer improved? This would be sad because lots of us still use v3 because so much is not yet v4 compatible, so even with high end systems like mine I prefer to wait a bit (but don’t worry, one day sure i will purchase the A320 for v4 too; i already own the p3dv4 but I have not installed it and will not do so in a hurry as v3 works fine).
  5. Haakon Conradi

    P3Dv3 to v4 serial key issue

    I purchased the A320 for P3Dv3 a long time ago and now used my discount coupon to get the P3Dv4 version. I installed it but the aircraft wasn't showing itself in the sim, so I uninstalled thinking a re-install would maybe solve the issue. But the installer requires the serial code for the P3Dv4 version. I only got the serial code when I first upgraded expecting it would also be sent by mail or something. I have the P3Dv3 serial code.
  6. Benjamin Hennes


    Hi! Just purchased myself some rudder pedals (CH Pro Pedals) and decided to give the bus another go along with driver 376.33 and FSLSpotlights. So far, so good. Below are some shots from two of my flights. Enjoy!
  7. Jose_Monteiro

    Request: wider FD bars...

    I would like to see wider FD bars in future relases. While I use only the 2d cockpit, it appears this "thin" FD bar rendering is also true about the VC mode, by observing a few youtubes, but it's probably more noticeable in the 2d panel version ( ? )
  8. In my FSLabs it appears I completely lose control of roll and pitch ? Is this the real consequence of losing the FACs ? I can't say I lost the rudder, although that was probably the most expected consequence for me... but I totally lost roll and pitch response from my sidestick inputs. Please disregard - probably due to misuse or interference with some other apps. In a plain P3Dv3 + FSlabs A320 only install I couldn't reproduce the situation. P.S.: But, with time, I will try to find out what was causing the abnormal behaviour that motivated my initial post. I experienced the effect of total loss of controls when FAC1 and FAC2 were disconnected more than once, and thought it was some bug with the Airbus... Yet, I was also using simconnect for other applications, and I really have to find out if that was causing it ( ? ) Same applies to the way I was getting response to some unstable weather scenarios, with bounce in yaw only and not even a sign of roll, even with A/P disconnected. It was after one of those situations that I decided to turn off the FACs to check if it had anything to do with it, the yaw damper logic, whatever... and then I lost control of the aircraft, in pitch and in roll ( don't remember about yaw... ).
  9. Hi there, I know that this problem has been discussed over many instances in the past, but I am still having it: The hung start at 15% N2, the engine that won't ignite when switching the HP Valves to on. The strange thing is: Sometimes the engine start works, sometimes it doesn't, although I follow exactly the same procedure every single time. My major question is: Which gauge in the panel shows me, apart from the vanishing light from the Ground-Call-Button, that start pressure is available? Could GSX be a problem? Apart from that and in all the flights where engine start worked, the addon is outstanding!!! I am running P3Dv3.2. Thank you for your help and kind Regards, Julius
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