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Found 7 results

  1. THE ULTIMATE CONCORDE CHECKLIST for Concorde-X WARNING! This checklist has been created by Concorde enthusiast Ramón Cutanda. I am not a real pilot and, except from some volunteered and limited beta testing, I have no professional relationship with FSLabs whatsoever. Therefore, this is not, by any means, an "official", "approved" or "real" checklist, either by FSLabs or British Airways. This checklist is MAINLY BASED ON real British Airways Concorde Flying Manuals, with updates up to 1st May 2003. I have also cross-checked many details with FSLabs' documentation and checklists included with their Concorde-X. Using the aforementioned sources, I have created this checklist according to the following criteria. · Omitting checks and actions for systems and items not simulated in Concorde-X by FSLabs, such as the oxygen system or weather radar. · Because this checklist is performed with the limitations of a virtual cockpit, 2D panels and by only one pilot instead of a crew of 3, I have done my best reordering the sequence of some items to avoid what I considered unnecessary panel jumps within Concorde-X. I have tried, however, to keep these changes to a minimum to respect the original flow. · Excluding exclusive electrical procedures only applicable to G-BOAG · Use different colours and font sizes to make the checklist both as useful and easy to follow as possible both by casual and hardcore simmers. This is why there are no longer two separate "simplified" and "extended" checklists. This checklist includes real notes and comments to extend the knowledge about the systems and the reason for many of procedures followed. Please, take into account that as with almost checklist in aviation, some items are checked more than once during the flow. These double-checks are not a typo. This checklist is the result of an extensive review of several real British Airways Manuals put into practice along HUNDREDS of hours at the controls of Concorde-X. I truly believe this is the most complete and helpful checklist for Concorde-X. It has received several updates over the years and now that I have updated it with the most recent British Airways Manuals I have been able to find, I really cannot think of any more improvements. That is why I have called this checklist "Ultimate". I do hope you will find this checklist both easy to follow and useful. If you have any comment or suggestion, please, reply to this post. Thank you. THE ULTIMATE SIMPLE CHECKLIST for Concorde-X This checklist is aimed to those who have used the complete "ULTIMATE CHECKLIST for Concorde-X" a number of times, know the procedures by heart and want and simpler, cleaner and quicker checklist without the extra details, tips and explanations, but still benefit from the colour codes and tables not present in the real checklist. This checklist is based exclusively on the one included in British Airways Flying Manual Volume II part B, pages 07-15-03 to 07-15-11 revision 01 Nov 02 This checklist is not, however, a "copy and paste". It has been adapted to suit the flights with Concorde-X by Flightsim Labs. The differences between the real checklist and this version are: • It includes the cockpit preparation steps for Captain, Flight Officer and Flight Engineer. • It includes some charts, graphics and a number of custom steps I find most useful for every flight. • The order (position) of some items has been changed to avoid repetitive panel "jumps" within Concorde-X. These changes, however, have been kept to a minimum. • The procedures for uncommon flights, such a 100% subsonic or short supersonic where Mach 2.0 is not reached or only for a very short period of time, are left in full as it is easy to forget their details and I find it convenient to have them in this list instead of having to open the ULTIMATE CHECKLIST and search for these particular procedures in a second document. • The items only applicable to G-BOAG have been omitted. • The checklist items are coded in four different colours DOWNLOAD Concorde-X_ULTIMATE-CHECKLIST v3 Concorde-X_ULTIMATE-SIMPLE-CHECKLIST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ List of updates: 08/November/2020 v3.0.7 and v1.0.3 - Click here to see the changes 11/August/2020 v3.0.5 and v1.0.1 Click here to see the changes 30/July/2020 v3.0.4 and v1.0 of the Ultimate Simple Checklist Click here to see the changes 22/July/2020 v3.0.3 Click here to see the changes 21/July/2020 v3.0.2 Click here to see the changes 11/July/2020 v3.0.1 Click here to see the changes. 10/July/2020 v3.0 Click here to see the changes. 27/May/2020 v2.0.5 Click here to see the changes 22/May/2020 v2.0.4 Click here to see the changes 30/Dec/2018 v2.0.3. Click here to see the changes 11/April/2016, v1.2. Click here to see the changes. 04/April/2016, v1.1. Click here to see the changes. The previous checklist (v.2.0.5) are still available here Concorde-X EXTENDED Checklist - PDF Version Concorde-X EXTENDED Checklist - Microsoft Word Version Concorde-X SIMPLIFIED Checklist - PDF Version Concorde-X SIMPLIFIED Checklist - Microsoft Word Version The previous checklist (v1.2) is still available here: http://simulaciondevuelo.com/archivos/SIMPLIFIED_CHECKLIST-ConcordeX_by_FlightsimLabs.pdf http://simulaciondevuelo.com/archivos/SIMPLIFIED_CHECKLIST-ConcordeX_by_FlightsimLabs.docx
  2. David Goginava

    Airbus A320 HTML app

    Version 1.1.0


    Airbus A320 EFB App FREE Do you need an All-in-One electronic solution that helps you flying the Airbus A320 either in real-life or flightsimulation training? Functions: - Electronic functions of the A320 EFB available as HTML app. This app works within the browser. It works on each device and is completely free. - Weather details: Obtain the actual weather report as METAR and see a weather map. The weather map contains temperature, precipitation, clouds, pressure and wind details. No costs at all. - The A320 Normal Checklist is now available as electronic checklist. Also, the limitations and the QRH paper handbook are available within the app as pdf. Performance data included. Absolutely FREE. Works in browser. Best regards, David Goginava
  3. Alexandre Kubatko

    Air France A320 Normal checklist

    Air France A320 Normal checklist View File This checklist replicates real world Air France A320 family operations. This is not the real checklist but the items are correct. The triangle symbol after Cabin Ready means "if aircraft is equipped". Some Air France aircrafts got the new cabin memo logic and some other don't. Submitter Alexandre Kubatko Submitted 01/03/18 Category Utilities
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Airberlin Supplementary Procedures Checklist Checklist items are original.
  5. Air Berlin airberlin Supplementary Procedures Checklist View File Airberlin Supplementary Procedures Checklist Checklist items are original. Submitter Simon B. Submitted 06/23/17 Category Utilities
  6. Simon Brinkmann

    airberlin Normal Procedures Checklist

    Version 1.0.0


    Airberlin Normal Procedures Checklist Additional info: The Takeoff CG / Trim Position chart is out of the FSL checklist for a better FS use. The checklist and the dimensions of the checklist itself are original.
  7. Simon Brinkmann

    airberlin Normal Procedures Checklist

    airberlin Normal Procedures Checklist View File Airberlin Normal Procedures Checklist Submitter Simon B. Submitted 06/02/17 Category Utilities
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