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Common Files for FSL A319 v5.0.1.100+ Custom 4K PBR Textures 1.4.0

About This File



*** FOR FSL A319 v5.0.100+ ONLY ***


This download is mandatory for liveries that are referenced by it as it contains shared common files that are required to change the appearance of common FSL A319 parts used in these repaints.


About this file


This is a shared library of modified textures that contains common files for the custom 4K PBR A319 v5.0.1.100+ paint kit created by Hugo Bicho, Daniel Du Preez and John Tavendale.  A new Airplanes\FSLabs A319\Texture.CommonProfHBJT folder has been created and common files shared with all repaints are included here.  This saves on drive space and simplifies management of liveries created from the custom kit.  Repaints made from this kit have a special texture.cfg file that references this folder as a fallback and will be shown on the model when loaded into P3D.


Installation instructions:


1.       Drag the FSLabs A319 folder contained in this download to your {Prepar3D v5 (or v4) Add-ons}\FlightSimLabs\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes folder


2.       After installation, your {Prepar3D v5 (or v4) Add-ons}FlightSimLabs\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A319 should look like this:





3.       Installation is complete!  You do not need to repeat this for any additional liveries that require this download if you’ve already completed the steps above


Changes since last version:


16/10/2020 (v1.0)


  • RTW build, development changes not tracked publicly




  • WIP

Wings / Horizontal Stabiliser

  • Custom 4K wing albedo and PBR textures with optional flap scuff plating dependent on airframe
  • Custom 4K baked ambient occlusion (AO) textures for metallic (PBR) maps
  • Custom 4K normal maps with accurate 3D panelling details
  • Reworked flap track fairings and wing panelling
  • Improved wing shading and colour
  • Reworked horizontal stabiliser textures


  • Custom CFM and IAE engine albedo and PBR textures with panelling and rivets
  • Improved CFM and IAE engine intake areas with PBR effects
  • Custom baked ambient occlusion (AO) textures for metallic (PBR) maps
  • Custom normal maps with accurate 3D panelling details
  • Reworked engine pylons that match wing colour more accurately
  • PBR effects on pylon metallic parts


  • Reworked wheel, gear hub and landing gear strut textures
  • PBR effects on landing gear
  • Custom fuselage, door and engine overlay textures with PBR effects
  • Custom cargo bay interior textures
  • Custom cabin and galley textures


Copyright and legal:


This work is protected by international intellectual property and copyright laws.  Any unauthorised use, dissemination and/or distribution of the content of this download is prohibited without the prior written consent of the authors.  A lot of time and effort was spent creating this kit.  Please respect our work.




Hugo Bicho (hugo.bicho@hotmail.ch) - HB Textures https://www.facebook.com/hbtextures


Daniel Du Preez (professormadman@gmail.com) - https://goo.gl/Ji9kH5


John Tavendale - Textures by Tavers https://www.facebook.com/texturesbytavers

What's New in Version 1.4.0   See changelog


- Various fixes with PBR mapping

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