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EZCA3 Turbulence Presets for all FSL A3XX aircraft 1.0.0

About This File


There are 3 files here. The first two are EZCA effect profiles (there are no camera presets here). Your best bet is to save them to the same place as the other presets;

NGK 2020.cor preset to C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\EZCA\DB3\presets\Core
NGK 2020.hed preset to C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\EZCA\DB3\presets\Cameras\Human Head Cameras

Then you need to import them from within EZCA. With the sim running, open your EZCA main window, then select Show Effect Studio. Make sure the toggle at the top left of this window is switched to "Advanced", then you should see the import options on the left hand side.

NGK ActiveSky 2020.CFG is an ActiveSky profile. Your best bet is to save it as the other config files;


Then you can import it as any other profile - don't forget to save your own existing config file first.!

Controversially, I use 50 for Cloud Turbulence, Wind Turbulence and Turbulence Effect Scale. These settings are tuned to match the EZCA profiles. I find this pretty much perfect and never have any issues with disconnecting. Ever. BUT if you use these settings in isolation, they may not be right. Also note that these two components provide all the turbulence effects I need. Using any other product such as RealTurb, will almost certainly not work very well!

You MUST set Enhanced Turbulence OFF. If you don't, you will get disconnects and loss of control of the aircraft.

I hope this works for you!




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