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Flight Sim Labs A320X To Do List 1.1.0


About This File

Good evening, Captains ... 

the included PDF-Document mostly bases on an A320 To-Do-List, that I got from a dutch pilot four or five years ago. It was - let me call it this way - "short and sexy", you could reduce it to A5 Format, and there weren´t any big "nick nacks". So the list could be handled with ease (if you had the proper technical and procedural background for it).

This leads us to another point: The list enclosed, isn´t a huge compilation, and is neither designed as a handbook, nor as a manual. It is just a short summary of things you have to perform while guiding the aircraft, starting from Cold and Dark up to securing the bird.

So this document is logically not adressed for beginners.  it is, just something that you can put on your legs while flying and that you can shuffle through easily. So, if you favor "big information", you are better suited with official A320 FCOMs.


Unlike the original, I just changed/ added two things to the PDF:

1. I took the time to bring the workflows down to single pilot procedures according to FCOM 03.3. I mean to be true - most of us flight simmer fly the bird alone, and not everybody also uses FSCrew currently (although I think about adding a Version for simultaneous use with FSCrew during Autumn and Winter).

2. I added some none-standard procedures like Single-Engine Taxi, heavy rain ops, etc.

3. Additionally, I integrated some relevant checklists for ETOPS-Operations. As ever, they also rely on official Airbus sources, that can be seen below. (I guess I will add ETOPS-Procedures to my bigger documentation around winter).

Please leave me a message, if you find any occuring mistakes or unclarities.

Have a good day, safe travels and blue skies :-)





Airbus Industries: A319/A320/A321 Flight Crew Operating Manual I. System Description. 

Airbus Industries: A319/A320/A321 Flight Crew Operating Manual II. Flight Preparation. 

Airbus Industries: A319/A320/A321 Flight Crew Operating Manual II. Flight Preparation. 

Airbus Industries: A319/A320/A321 Flight Crew Operating Manual III. Flight Operations.  

Airbus Industries: A319/A320/A321 Flight Crew Operating Manual IV. FMGS Pilot´s Guide. 

Airbus Industries: A318/A319/A320/A321 Flight Crew Training Manual. 

Airbus Industries, A320 Family Instructor Support. 

Airbus Industries, A319/A320/ A321 Quick Reference Handbook

Mike Ray, Airbus A320 Pilot Handbook, Simulator and Checkride Procedures.

Airbus Industries: A320 ETOPS Training Manual. Airbus ETOPS Course. Trainee´s Manual

Airbus Industries: Getting Grips with Etops.



What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


1. First of all I added an interactive checklist in Chrome Hypertext-Format, that can be used on tablets.

I never tried it on cell phones, but I quess the smaller display will take it´s toll, reducing clarity and structure.

But of course, if you like, you can try it out.

As stated, the checklist is interactive. Flows that were completed, can be properley marked as done just by finger tip.

The checklist holds 32 Sections, from  Exterior Safety Inspection up to Securing the Aircraft. Included are also non-standard procedures like ETOPS-Operations, Turbulence Penetration, Holding Patterns, and so on.

In this way my personal thanks go to Mr. Gerard Beekman for adding his txt-to-html-converter in the following thread.



Thank you, Gerard, for sharing your work and knowledge and making the existence of this interactive checklist possible.


2. Included is also a revised pdf-Document with some minor changes and clarification during ETOPS- and Securing the Aircraft Operations.


As ever, just let me know, in case you spot some issue. 

See you enroute, have a safe flight and blue skies,



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