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Checklist Generator 0.8

About This File

This utility takes a series of plain text files in a CSV-like format and transforms them into a checklist in HTML format with embedded JavaScript that allows you to select each line item to highlight it, marking it as completed. The generated code is set to autosize based on your screen size so it will work on desktops and mobile devices alike.

Included is a PDF setup guide that walks you through the configuration and data entry.

Currently there are no actual checklists provided yet but you can construct your own from a QRH or the Normal Procedures guide FSLabs provides.

A future update will have a full pre-canned checklist included for convenience. For now this tool gives you the framework to allow for creating any kind of checklist you need.

What's New in Version 0.8   See changelog


Updated the included sample checklist sections to represent a QRH you might find in online sources and real life. It's still not 100% complete due to copyright reasons. If anybody knows of a free-to-use/free-to-redistribute source of a QRH for inclusion, please let me know.

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