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Concorde Descent Calculator

About This File

Concorde Descent Calculator

Paul Campbell 2005





IMPORTANT: Please run the .exe from the directory containing it's data files. Failure to

do so will result in an error and the program will not run.

- To quickly calculate full descent from Mach2.02 using just a rough estimate of a headwind.

Check the "From Mach 2.00" tick box.

Check the 380knot tick box if you will fly the proceedure at 380kts (AF).

Enter the headwind in the WindSpeed box. Positive for head wind, negative for tail.

Select your top of descent altitude.

Select your bottom of descent altitude.

- To add more complete wind data to the above.

Enter your course in the course box.

Enter the wind bearing in the "Wind Bearing" box.

- To calculate a descent NOT including the deceleration from Mach2.00 to 350/380kts.

Dont tick the "From Mach 2.00 box.

Proceed as per example one.

The later method can be used to calculate ANY subsonic descent.



Data is from RW performance tables. The tables in question do not have an ISA correction

and are valid for all ISA deviations above -10.

The data has been interpolated to give all flight levels, as opposed to even flight levels


If you are planning a cruise at 0.95 above FL350, you need to subtract 3nm per 2000ft above

FL350 from the Mach1 descent data box.

Any questions pop me an email. :)

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