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will it only be the concorde o


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Posted By DK822 on 11/07/2008 12:23 PM
okey so fs lab have other projects to

And before you ask.......... no, we are not going to tell you which, yet biggrin.gif

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Mark Wolpert

I will take the first guess.


Reason: The RFP 747-200 was immensely popular in FS9 and is not planned for FSX.

As a steam gauge aircraft with INS is matches nicely with the Concorde X development.

And PMDG/LDS pretty much have the glass cockpit Boeings covered.

I guess time will tell, hopefully if I am correct I can shoehorn my way into the beta team (hint, hint).


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Mark Wolpert

Upcoming development plans

While all the focus has been on the Concorde, there are other (new) members of the Flight Sim Labs team that have been silently working on another project that I am sure will be very exciting to flight simmers worldwide. While the time to reveal details about the upcoming product has not yet arrived, I will say that it's an aircraft (yes!), it has engines (yes!) and is still flying around the globe, so you see it every time you go to an airport. :)

Around the globe - Long range - 747-200, DC-10

You see it every time you go to an airport - Hmmm, that could eliminate the above two.

I still think I am on the right track here, which there was a contest for this.


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George Marinakis

My vote is for the "Air Creation Buggy 582 SL".

No one has done it and that thing is ripe for an FSL makeover. :P

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If you "see it every time you go to an airport", that sounds like C1X2. That must mean something else, cause those have been done. OTOH, a modernized C152 would be nice. ie. A VFR GPS in the VCP, and a Sparrowhawk variant.

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