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Boac Repaints

Speedbird Concorde

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Speedbird Concorde


Does anyone have or is willing to do a BOAC repaint for me in the 3 major liveries of BOAC? i have attached some pics of the 3 liveries, they are on the 707 though, should give the the jist of things.


post-4805-054451500 1322308089.jpg

post-4805-012417500 1322308102.jpg

post-4805-049647800 1322308112.jpg

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Speedbird Concorde

post-4805-085907800 1322312126.jpgpost-4805-099854000 1322312080.jpgalso, the interim colours might be interesting, not much difference, again, i have attached some pics, these ones are on the 747-136 and VC10z, they dont need much work done, just a bit of fidelling to put them in place.


post-4805-042092300 1322312073.jpg

post-4805-066908200 1322312098.jpg

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