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[Resolved] Mouse doesn’t work

Keith A Holt

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Keith A Holt
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I installed a fresh new copy of P3D v5 today followed by a new install of the FSLabs A320.  The mouse does not work to control ANY instruments inside the cockpit, tested in particular with simple toggle switches.  I am trying to do this from the default views.  I have not made any adjustments to eyepoint or seat position.  Everything is just as the simulator first starts up.  There are no add-ons installed.  Everything is about as simple and clean as it gets, “right out of the box”.  And no, I don’t have the simulator paused.  My mouse is nothing special, just a basic Logitech with a scroll-wheel.

I know P3D is functional because I can hop into one of its default aircraft and everything works just as it should.  This is clearly an FS Labs problem.  It’s almost as if the aircraft is “dead”.  The batteries don’t display any voltage which is probably a separable issue, but maybe not.

I saw an earlier post about the A320 not being compatible with v5.4.  Is this still the case?  What version is it compatible with?  I’m not even sure if it is still possible to get older versions from Lockheed, but perhaps I will have to find out.

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