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Unable to maintain runway centreline after landing.

Simon Marsden

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Simon Marsden

Hi all,

Having looked through the various threads it looks like I'm the only one having the following issue.

Often when I land regardless of the airport and weather conditions and landing rate, the A320/321 will start to drift off the runway centreline. Even with full opposite rudder and differential braking the drift continues until I either run off the side on the runway or reduce speed to taxing speeds.This happens regardless of wether the nose gear steering is connected or not.

The problem seems to get more and more common the more I fly a particular airframe. If I reset the aircraft by deleting all the files in the panel state i.e documents/fslabs/A320/panel state the issue seems to go way for a few flights, but not always.

I don't have this issue with my PMDG B777 B737 and Quality Wings B787. 

No issues with Taxing and Take-Off.

I use a Logitech joystick and CH Pro Rudder pedals, all of which I have calibrated many times.

Could it be something to do with FSUIPC?

Any help or advice appreciated i.e the best P3D rudder etc settings, as it's really frustrating.

P3Dv5.4 with all the latest driver updates.

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Norman Blackburn

Please use the proper sub forum.  Product support is not offered in General Forum.

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