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Mike Bannister’s ‘Concorde’

Craig Baillie

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Craig Baillie

Perhaps I’m suggesting this to the wrong crowd; as it might not be news but:

I’m currently listening to the audiobook version of Mike Bannister’s book ‘Concorde’ narrated by himself.

I thought I’d jump on here to recommend it!

Part autobiography of Cpt Bannister, part autobiography of the aircraft and part investigation of the incident and aftermath.

It’s well told and I consider it essential reading/listening for the Concorde fans here :D!

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John Price

I’ve got it as well, although I’m also in the UK - I see it on amazon.com though so it shouldn’t be limited to just us.

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Sam Kharey

I learned a lot from this book — especially how to put safety ahead of everything else. This was crucial to Concorde ops since everything was the edge of the envelope. 

The book actually changed how I approached my flying in the sim… now I can’t wait to operate Concorde the way Mike and all of the elite BA/AF crews did.

Sam Kharey

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