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jCPS as Concorde Performance System 2023

Julien Dubost

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Julien Dubost

Hi there,

I have just finished developing a small app to build flight plans for Concorde. It is called jCPS

It is multi-platform, multi-sim, multi-addon and dedicated to Concorde

I was largely inspired by the CPS of Pierre Chassang but which is no longer maintained (CPS-X)

Prerequisites: none

Blog link: https://topsdev.webador.fr/

This addon is therefore dedicated to Concorde lovers who use addons with a maximum of functional buttons (P7bug, chrono, etc.) such as the Concorde-X from FsLabs.


Thanks in advance Simmer


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Ray Proudfoot
On 2/3/2023 at 12:56 PM, Julien Dubost said:

I'm running v1.2 which may explain the problems I'm having. Having registered on the XP forum the download link is broken as is the one to your blog.

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