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New Engine Sounds?

Fredric Greenblot

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Fredric Greenblot

I’m not sure if this has been addressed before,

But as far as the new upcoming Concorde goes, what is the situation with the engine sounds, inside or out? You can’t exactly get a recording of an Olympus 593 anymore, and only one 593 exists in runnable condition today (and even then it is not run at anything past high idle due to the fact that it’s missing the proper air intake and the cost of fuel).

As I recall, the old Concorde-X used the exact same sounds as the old SSTSIM Concorde for FS2004. That being said, I wonder what the FSL team will do in terms of the sounds? If I had to take a guess, would they be taking the route of Turbine Sound Studios and taking a bunch of old recordings of the Olympus 593 and doing intense audio clean-up? 

Would be interested to know!! :)

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Andrew Wilson


We sourced recordings from engine runs before the aircraft stopped flying - and have used these with our new sound engine that was built for our Airbus series.

A lot of work went into the sounds for this new title - it was a very noisy aircraft - many distinctive sounds that haven’t been simulated before which, collectively, simulate a sound scape that delivers a huge punch of immersion that will make any Concorde enthusiast smile.

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Konstantin Didushok

Can you recommend loudspeakers that simulate Concorde engines in real volume?  :lol:

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Fredric Greenblot
6 hours ago, Konstantin Didushok said:

Can you recommend loudspeakers that simulate Concorde engines in real volume?  :lol:

Watch the very first part of "Back to the Future", I think those speakers would suffice ;D

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