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  2. Carlos Alvarez

    Beacon and landing light

    OK i'm in 4.5 hotfix 1 with the lates version of fslabs and the beacon has the same issue that's not illuminating the fuselage.
  3. koen meier

    How do you Update the 320 and 319?

    Liveries don’t need reinstalling as they will be picked up automatically by the sim. So first you need to update spotlights to the latest version. Then your choice do a clean install by removing everything thing or just simply run the new installers and it will pop up with a message do you want to uninstall the previous version and say yes.
  4. Sorry Im New. How do you update the 320 and 319? Uninstall old version and run full installer again? ALSO how do i keep my current liveries so i don't have to install all of those again?
  5. Brad Zimmer

    4.5 question

    Pretty exciting day as this is released along with Chicago Airports X as I have been waiting on KORD for years. My question is, is there any benefit to upgrading to 4.5 or would you recommend doing the new update with 4.4? As far as I can see the only real difference in 4.5 is night lighting. Is that the case? Are there any other features or functions that will make 4.5 worth the update? Thanks!
  6. Tobias Gövert

    Random Screenshot Thread

  7. Robert Sutherland

    A320-X / A319-X for P3D v4.2-4.5 - Update v2.0.2.347 now released.

    You need to look in the Announcements forum.
  8. duartevieira

    Beacon and landing light

    Ok thank you
  9. Today
  10. Aaron Brand

    Beacon and landing light

    You need 4.5....
  11. Klaus Schmitzer

    Information on the next build...

    Awesome, thank you very much!
  12. Dear FSLabs Team Just a line to thank you all very much for the release of the A320-X / A319-X for P3D v4.2-4.5 version compatible with the P3Dv4.5 horfix release. It works a treat! I'm so pleased to be able to fly the Airbuses again! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
  13. Abhishek Banerjee

    Not able to download Version

    Whenever I entered order id & serial number. It downloads some html page.
  14. Gerard Beekmans

    Information on the next build...

    Confirmed yes. See other posts today by developers saying the same. Full uninstall can be done if you're having issues and just want to assure you're starting from a clean slate type of thing.
  15. Klaus Schmitzer

    Information on the next build...

    Came here to ask the same question... Is this a confirmed procedure? I always uninstall and reinstall, this was recommended on the first versions of the bus.
  16. duartevieira

    Beacon and landing light

    It looks like beacon wasn’t reverted after all can you confirm this please or I need to be on version 4.5 of p3d thank you
  17. Klaus Schmitzer

    dee dum dee dum

    FSUIPC is very disturbing sometimes. I always steer the Dash via the aileron axis. Feels weird but works very precise.
  18. Thought about this as well, but it don't like that it doesn't spring back and is - in my clumsy experience - a little harder to reach/handle. Thanks, I'll try setting them to zero.
  19. Gerard Beekmans

    Information on the next build...

    Just run the new installer.
  20. duartevieira

    Printing issue

    I am getting the same issue I just doesn’t look right
  21. Andrew Debidondi

    nose wheel steering

    Strange after the update nose wheel steering seems that working, but the aircraft does not turn Any Idea? i dont use FSUIPC Lock The Post PLS FIXED
  22. koen meier

    Printing issue

    Just a simple pos-58. and it was only this time after the update that I saw it.
  23. Chris Frasure

    Printing issue

    Mine has done that a few times. Before AND after the new build. I think it might have to do with the printer drivers. Which thermal printer do you use?
  24. Nick Pålsson

    Information on the next build...

    Do I have to uninstall the old version, or can I just run the new installer and then it will Update according?
  25. Jose Miguel Martin

    Seats for take off right after push back

    Yes, I do have pax boarded
  26. Askin Erdogandan

    Just a quick question on the latest update..

    Hello Simon tnx alot for the infos.. i will update this evening and report back keep up the great work as always its really a magnificent aircraft thank you !
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