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A320 Sound Problem

Oliver Soanes

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Oliver Soanes


I have been having an issue with the FSLabs Airbus A320-X for some time, on almost every flight. There are many bugs with the sounds. Firstly quite often when switching view, the APU sound (Air Conditioning and cooling sounds all disappear leaving just a whining sound. I double tap Q and nothing happens, the only way to fix it is to go into my cabin view with Ezdok, move outside the aircraft, then double tap Q, then go back to cockpit, and all sound is back.

However, the main reason why I am writing is due to the frustration of my previous flight, spending an hour planning the flight etc, then just before I push back, I started ACARS (BAVirtual by the way). Then I go back to the flightsim, and all FSLabs sounds have gone, not even that whine left. Pressing Q makes no difference at all, went into and out of menus, no change, load another panel state, no change. So I pushed back and started the engines to see if that made a difference. I could hear the engines quietly, and the APU noise sort of came back, but no switch sounds, no air conditioning sounds, and VERY quiet engines. All sound sliders are where they should be, FSLabs volume is a default 55%. When I moved away from the aircraft, the Engines got louder, almost as if the sound 'model' had been displaced. Very strange, never happened before. When I tried to reload the aircraft FSX crashed, at which point my frustration took over and I gave up.

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks,

Ollie Soanes

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