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false "minimum" callout


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Dear all,

I've noticed that "minimum" callout is false.

Exemple: If I enter "1500" in the MDA FMS box, and the THR altitude is 1300ft, the callout will trigger at 1500ft AGL (2800ft AMSL) instead of 1500ft AMSL.

My opinion is that whatever you put your barometric minima into MDA or RA box, the callout will be based on the radio altimeter probe.

Thanks for your answer.



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Alan Chadwick

Same here.

RWY elevation was 4394' and I entered 4780' MDA, leaving the DH field on the MCDU blank. However, I got a minimum callout at just over 9000' MSL (4394+4780?), then again at the real 4780' MDA.

I also forgot to post a few weeks ago when it happened -_-

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This is working as it should in the version we use internally but thats for a different sim ;). I've added it to the list of items to check for the FS update. It may have already been fixed but will check none the less.

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Hon-Chun Chan

I also encountered something similar to this. If I enter a DH and then enter a different number for MDA, the DH field clears in the MCDU (as it should) but the DH callout will be made nonetheless - which means I end up getting 2 "minimum" callouts.

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Lefteris Kalamaras
On 11/22/2016 at 9:39 AM, Matthias said:

Same here, when doing more than one flight, it will call the minimums of the last flight plus the minimums correctly entered for the current flight.

Does this occur ONLY when doing more than one flight, guys? That will help us identify the issue...

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Daniel Leitinger

I also have this issue on every flight, not only when flying another leg. For example: Minimum at 1000ft MDA. One minimum wrong callout at 1000ft RA and one right callout at 1000ft MDA. I only entered the MDA minimum in the FMC. Just a small issue but it would be fine if you could fix it.

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Matthias Hanel

I had the callout twice when I was approaching Hamburg after a Hamburg-Frankfurt-Hamburg rotation. CAT I minima set for ILS Z 25R FRA and CAT I ILS 23 at HAM.

That's what I can recall for sure.

I THINK I also had them when approaching Genoa, only a one leg flight, DA set at ~1620 (circling minimum after LOC-Z).

I will pay some more attention on this on the next flights and see if I can find a pattern.

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18 hours ago, bgrade said:

I think it may happen when the MDA is set high, perhaps above 300ft?

I had flights into EDDM with MDA's around 1600ft and no problems.

I had flights with lower MDA's and double callouts.

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Matthias Hanel

Just did a flight EDDL-LOWK-EDDL. DH 170 at LOWK, was called out correctly. DA 330 back in EDDL, one call above 330 at around 500-450, and the correct call at 330. The aircraft wasn't powered down between the flights, it seems that the first (wrong) callout could have been the old DH + the current DA?

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Matthias Hanel

Ok, just did a few training runs at LOWL.

Situation: Cold & Dark, startup as normal. I departed 26. Then I proceeded to a manually entered fix 6NM from LNZ VOR on the extended runway centerline, from there via the LNZ1 for NDB aproach runway 26. I climbed to 5000ft; during the cruise phase I entered the parameters for the landing phase, including the MDA of 1320ft into the MDA field- the DH field wasn't touched.

On approach I got a '100 above' and 'minimums' call when the RA got to the value of 1320ft, later on another '100 above' and 'minimums' passing 1320ft ASL (roughly 360ft RA). I had terrain on ND on the captains side with both FD on; Captains side ARC mode, 10NM, ADF1 and VOR2 on screen; ADF and VOR were hardtuned to 327.0 LNZ NDB and 116.60 LNZ VOR. PWS on, radar off. FO side I didn't change from the start.

Scenery used was JustSim Linz.

Maybe someone could test this setup..? Maybe it's reproduceable.


After G/A from low height, on the second approach I changed to ILS and entered the CATI MDA 1170ft, the DH field still not touched; I got the callouts way higher now, however I didn't note the exact values- but I think my first though that the aircraft adds the old and new MDA value (1320+1170) should be correct.

However, I again got a second, correct callout at 1170ft.

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Matthias Hanel

Next observation: Yesterday I flew to Alta and prepared for ILS runway 11 circling 29. For testing, I entered the DH for the ILS approach, thereafter the MDA for circling (which of course deactivated the entered DH again).
On final both values were called out.

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Alfredo Russo

Hi I had this problem too but i noticed that i had this problem as i set the metric system inside FSX as metric not as Imperial or Hybrid. After i Switched to Imperial I did not haveit anymore. 

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