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For those with low FPS

Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt

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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt


Hello people

This is for those with low end computers and striving to get a few extra FPS to get your FSL experience a bit better. You know who you are.

I have disabled the PFD and the ND at the 1st officer seat, and I believe I have gained a few extra FPS (5 fps avg) I dare to say that i´ve finally gotten close enough to the confort zone while flying this puppy!!

I thought it would be worth to mention here, so maybe someone can try and verify if it is possible to replicate my results.


Needless to say, FSL will not approve this, since it is a modification of their panel.cfg file, but as long as you make a backup of your original panel.cfg file and you JUST comment the 2 lines i will point out, you should not have any issues. (After all, this is a novice/rookie modification, we´re not doing rocket science here)


Go to your FSX folder, (wherever your sim is, just locate the root folder) and then go to either one of these two folders (whatever engine variant you want to try this on)

FS_ROOT\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 CFM\Panel 

FS_ROOT\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320 IAE\Panel


Please make a backup of your panel.cfg located there. Call it panel.cfg.original or something that will help you identifying the file.

Then just edit the panel.cfg (with notepad, no Wordpad or any other text editor which might alter the plain text format of this file), scroll a bit down till you locate the following:


//   Main Panel DUs


gauge00=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!Controller,                               0,     0,      0,   0
gauge01=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_1,                          56,   56, 400, 400, F0.85
gauge02=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_2,                         568,   56, 400, 400, F0.85
gauge03=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_5,                          56,  568, 400, 400, F0.85
gauge04=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_6,                         568,  568, 400, 400, F0.85

You see those last two lines? gauge03 and 04? those are the 1st officer PDF and ND. COmment them with // at the beginning of the line and  save the file.

They should look like this:


gauge00=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!Controller,                               0,     0,      0,   0
gauge01=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_1,                          56,   56, 400, 400, F0.85
gauge02=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_2,                         568,   56, 400, 400, F0.85
//gauge03=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_5,                          56,  568, 400, 400, F0.85
//gauge04=..\..\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX!LCDScreen_6,                         568,  568, 400, 400, F0.85

Then try to fly the bird. Please let me know if I am just blind, if I am on one of my upbeat overoptimistic days.. of if this really does something.

I am sure I am getting a few more fps, not a lot, but enough for me to say I am able to ride the full 9 yards now :) . At least this works for me.


Again, FSL will not likely approve this. After all, if you don´t know what you are doing you might screw up the panel, but again, this is basic file edition. So this is up to you guys.

Hope it wont be a problem for FSL if I display part of their panel.cfg on this thread... 



All the best


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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt
1 minute ago, Andrew Wilson said:

Why don't you just turn those displays off!?


Hi Andy, 

You mean dimming the displays? Tried that. Doesn´t work.

You are still calling the displays, you are just not showing its contents. The key is to prevent any display that you might not need from being "rendered", or whatever you wanna call it. 

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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt
1 minute ago, Andrew Wilson said:

If you turn the brightness dials down all the way until the dial 'clicks' off - it should have the same effect. Did you try that?


Until it "clicks off" ..???

Well.. I am sure I turned that knob all the way to the left and didn´t feel any extra click or spot.

Anyway give me a min. Checking.

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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt
48 minutes ago, Andrew Wilson said:

Yeh - it should make a click sound when dial is turned down to the lowest setting (off). 


Now things are more complicated :) 

I see what you mean:

After fully switching the DU´s off, if I dial the knob again to the right the displays initiate the 40 second "self test" again.

Never got them that far "to the left". And true, I see a fps increase with the displays switched off.


However I commented the two lines again, and I believe I get better frames than just by simply switching the displays off (but hey, I´ve got my doubts now!)


Now, why am I saying the things are more complicated. If you switch off the DUs and you click on them, the 2D panels are off too (as it should be because the display is off in the VC). By commenting those 2 lines, the DU´s dissapear in the VC, however they are still visible as 2D panels. Shouldn´t that eat more CPU cycles? then why do I feel better fps?  . I promise you I dont want to say it goes better my way, I just feel it.  

I didn´t develop the bus. You are the developer, you have better insight. Tell me is a placebo and a lot of people will forget about this thread :) 

I will keep testing... to rule out how it goes better with. 


BTW hope you guys dont mind for posting those few lines of the cfg...



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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt


So heres the deal, the 2D pop up panels are not  "FPS Unfriendly". I also disabled them in the panel CFG, (window 30 and 31 respectively) , and I dont see any difference in performance. I kept them disabled and and re-enabled the virtual cockpit ones and I see a FPS decrease. So AT LEAST on my case, the trik lays on  disabling the entries i initially mentioned, the ones from the virtual cockpit section.

Now the thing is, the gauges displayed on the VC and in the pop up/2D panel are the same , so if they dont cause a FPS drop when they are in a 2D panel, it means "they are fine" , and it points to some sort of problem / lack of optimization occurring when they are "embedded" into the VC.. so what I said on my 1st entry of this thread still applies. 

This would also explain why people don´t have performance issues when using the 2D panel only.



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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt
13 minutes ago, fsxfreak said:

I would actually be interested in "synchronized" PFD and ND display - whatever changes on the captain's side changes also for FO. This should also make some FPS gain...


I guess that only FSL guys know that. Anyway this solution is a bit extreme, chopping out the displays which generally are not needed. This is for the people in the need for just a few more frames to fly closer to the 777 experience. For those who are willing to dance with the ugly girl if they ever wanna dance at all  :D 

Did you try it ? Did you feel any difference?

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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt

Yes NJFlyer. AI traffic is disabled, all sliders to the left. Been a FS enthusiast for 20+ something years (damn.. so old). I had a crash course on tweaking FSX before Sandy Bridge hit the shelves. No strange to FSX Tweaking and having to squeeze every single damn hertz on old junk to make FSX look nice, and this bird is the only one giving me headaches.

I am telling you, this bird´s VC displays have something that is resource hungry. Once you put something through them, u loose a lot of performance.

As far as I can see we´ve got two choices:

1) we  go the easy - brute force way : buy a 6700K and put it north of the 4.xGhz barrier 

2) elimitate what we don´t need, and I dont mean the water detail, the LOD, the clouds distance, the affinity mask, the fiber frame, max trees per cell... etc  cause all these have been already tweaked by A LOT of gentlemen here. We have to cut the elements which cause the frames drop, the displays , so lets cut the ones we wont need!  (I agree cutting the IA though! :)  )

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If the aircraft stands, l have no problems. If the plane starts to move (just pushback), it's useless. Back to the BBS- slightly lower simulation, but no stress.  Maybe time again install. Maybe I'll have in the future new hardware, it may become optimized update. In any case, it is incredibly complex simulations. The plane is true alive. Hats off.

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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt


After testing for 1 day, removing the 1st officer's lcd's gauges in the panel.cfg kills all performance issues. I've got the improvement in FPS I needed.

Switching the LCD's off helped too,  but removing the lines made the real trick on my case.


What can I say, I am happy now. I can finally fly the FSL A320 with a fair amount of clouds - rain into heavily stuffed airports with no problems at all.. and all from my 2012 ivy bridge laptop. YES. (Eat that, 6700k owners! :) just kidding. )


FSL.. thanks a lot for bringing us mortals this plane !!!! (hope my captain's displays wont have failures or i'll have a bad time! LOL)




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Eamonn Jawhary

Thanks for the tip. This seems to work for me. I hope it's not just a placebo haha.

Another thing That increased my FPS was turning off Taburet Night lighting (via scenery library). For some reason, it causes a large FPS hit in FSX but not in P3D

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Another trick that greatly helped me a lot to get it flyable in terms of fps is to disable windows aero (visual effects) and some services. I have a software doing all of that for me in one click.

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Luis Oswaldo Bethencourt


I am running it on FSX_SE ... shouldn't be a problem.

Besides, If it ran once should work the rest of the times. There can be lots of other reasons why your FSX crashed.


But yeah, turning the DU's off should help and keep you on the "safe zone" :)



11 hours ago, ejawhary said:

I acually undid this today as fsx:se crashed for the first time in a very long time. I suspect the cfg mod. Just flying with the FO screens turned off now.



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  • 1 month later...

Is this tweak is really good ?


Because im running a i7 3.6GHz and nvidia 970 with a tweaked fsx.cfg and config set AA to 4x using DX fixer and i only get between 17 and 22 FPS on hudge scenery like aérosoft LFPG...


I always hit hard the ground on this scenery cause of a low fps...

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I expect p3d performance to be better.

Maybe mipmapping textures could help, (I reckon most textures are already MIP mapped. Given how the decals are readable){MIP map scenery and cloud textures}

Also why don't you try reducing the pixel size related to the flood lights. This could help.

Again... The aircraft seems to be as GPU intensive as it is CPU intensive. People using fsx are able to get away with good performance because of very high clock speeds ( main requirement in fsx) whereas p3d utilizes a lot of GPU power.

Although no developer has commented on performance/smoothness in p3d as compared to fsx.

Also try good cooling, the CPU doesn't work at its max capability when hot.

Good luck guys

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