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Flightplan import?


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I recently bought the FSLabs A320X. Before that I always used to play around with either the PMDG 737NGX or the Aerosoft Airbuses. I'm using PFPX in conjunction with TOPCAT to plan my flights and used to just export the PFPX-flightplans to the respective addon-aircraft's "flightplan-folder".


However, I didn't find an option within PFPX (neither on Simbrief.com) to export to the FSLabs A320. I started researching a bit and the only thing I found was a way to import flightplans into the FSLabs Airbus via some AOC System. The big downer with that one is though, that this AOC system only seems to import flightplans when you are using VATSIM or the other online flight platform (forgot the name).


You guys from FSLabs did an amazing job on the Airbus. Myself and a lot of people were really looking forward for that one to be released. What I don't understand though is, that you made such an awesome product and then didn't implement an easy way to import flightplans into it.


If there actually IS an easy way to import flightplans without having to use VATSIM, then I didn't say anything and would appreciate, if someone could tell me how to.




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Norman Blackburn


You don't need to be connected to VATSIM.

In pfpx simply *print* the plan in its native format to the MCDU.  If you have win10 the MCDU shows as a printer.   Other OS simply save to the MCDU folder; the bus must be active in FSX.

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Søren Dissing
1 hour ago, Skubidus said:

... and would appreciate, if someone could tell me how to.


Sorry, but did you read the Introduction Guide? All is explained in Appendix A, starting on page 28 ...

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Geoff Bryce

I did see that FSL will try and make the import of flight plans and the whole AOC issue a tad easier for users to follow in a future update. For now, I manually input them.

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Konstantinos Kioussis

AOC ( IRL ) stands for Airline Operations Center, long story short you can assume that's the "dispatchers" office and/or the operators ground base. Techinically speaking, in the MSNs that have "certain" features enabled will allow real time data exchange between the flight deck and some ground station. These data include flight planning data ( from the ground station to the aircraft systems ), maintenance data  ( from the on board peripherals to the ground station so to notify technical base for upcoming "service" requirements ), bite test results an various others. The whole communication is mediated thru an on board system called ATSU ( that has embedded ACARS functionality ) and using ACARS message form to encapsulate these.

In our sim AOC is an external application that implements the flight planning linkage, CURRENT AOC application ( called AOCService ) works in two modes.
Passive, where the crew initiates a request ( for instance REQ INIT in INIT A page ) and AOCService attempts to serve that by either detecting an already VATSIM prefilled flightplan or an IVAO one or a automatically generated one ( it uses FILLED FLTNBR and FROM/TO to do that )
or it works on Active, where AOCService detects a file "moved" in a specific folder ( for instance SIM/FSLabs/AOCService/Uplink/Subfolders ) and attemps to parse that and then send it to the corresponding aircraft system ( it detects that by scanning the "Subfolder" name which contains the IP, Port, SAL and Navigational database ). Additionally, a pseudo printing service is added so instead on "manually" moving the file into uplink folder, the user can print it ( and the printing service is set up to move the "printed" file to the corresponding "Uplink" folder )

AOCService, in the CURRENT form can parse the following types:
SIMBRIEF OFP ( .txt or .pdf ) in LIDO format
PFPX OFP ( .txt or .pdf ) in PFPX format
VATSIM FSD RECORD format ( there is no file association for that, its online )


AOCService was completly overhauled lately and now ALSO allows file/locally stored based flightplan loading
by supporting the following file types:
.txt ( OFPs - PFPX or SIMBRIEF locally stored )
.pdf ( same as .txt )
.pln ( FSX/P3D flightplan )
.route ( PFPX route files )
.xml ( SIMBRIEF .xml files - this is actually and XMLized SIMBRIEF OFP exported by the SIMBRIEF site )
.json ( our format )

File lookup is made by using CORTE and then REQ INIT 
More details will be supplied as soon as the next update is ready for public use.


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