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Approach and ILS


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Don't know what's going on but the last couple of days the strangest thing happens -

  1. Intercept ILS LOC and stable approach
  2. Intercept ILS GS and for a while stable descent 
  3. Then suddenly the aircraft starts to turn right, losing the LOC, it then turns left again and the whole ILS approach becomes an abortus
  4. Disconnect AP and manually fly the aircraft

In all instances the ILS freq is tuned correctly. LOC & GS are intercepted. Nothing else changes and no other input was given.

Does anyone have an idea what causes this anomaly to happen?



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3 minutes ago, Val said:

be sure that you intercept glide slop 30 degrees angle , get the LOC before glide slope

Yip, that is standard procedure. The strange thing is that it is stable with LOC/GS intercepted and all of a sudden it starts to turn for no reason at all. 

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valson bezerril

well.. in the real world during an ils approach if a truck or  whatever pass in front the ils transmiter on runway, the signal in interputed  but I don't know if fsx is able to simulate such realism..

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6 hours ago, Val said:

whatever pass in front the ils transmiter on runway

You're funny Val, haven't thought about that :P

Just did a flight from ENZV to EKCH and this time it all went straight forward without any sudden deviations ... will make a log and take footage when it happens again.

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28 minutes ago, Konstantinos Kioussis said:

Does it happen in a specific ARPT?

The last 3 flights were: EPGD-EDDK (it happened on short finals for Rwy 14L); then a second flight EDDK-ENZV (it happened again at ± 5 dme for Rwy 11); third flight ENZV-EKCH (all went well for Rwy 04L and it maintained LOC & GS all the way down to AP disconnect at 500") ... in other words, not consistent.

What I will try tomorrow is to fly back to ENZV and then EDDK and see if it happens again.

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