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[Resolved] Ailerons flickering / too sensitive

Manuel Graf

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Good afternoon,

I experience a too sensitive aileron movement in flight, especially at low speed (approach and climb) ... looks like fluttering and jumping.

The spoilers work nice and smooth, anyway I think on the real bus they are slower (just look at the retracting movement after landing).

The FBW should work finde, because my FPS are 25-30. Stick sensitivities are set like described in this forum.

It does NOT change after using another controller (also appears with mouse yoke).

If you do not really know what I mean please let me know .. I will take a video.



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46 minutes ago, Andrew Wilson said:

Hi Manuel,

Thanks for your post. We identified the issue a while ago (a bug in the ELACs), which will be resolved in the next update.

Sounds good :) thank you so much!

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