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A320-X Intercept

George Fartek

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Dear Folks!

First of all, I would like to thank you guys at flightsimlabs for making a dream come true to have an on spot simulated Airbus available for FSX and later P3D (can’t wait). The Airbus is a dream to hand fly and the system are very, very deep.:D

Nevertheless, there is a problem that I want to address.

Yesterday I was climbing out of LFMN when I noticed, that the bus seems to overshoot the flightpath and tries to fly back on the track, although there is a track (138 degrees) given by the charts (see picture). I thought, that the airbus recalculates your positon after the turn and “directs” you on the track to the intercept point.

I wouldn’t say that the airbus behaves wrong, just abnormal I guess.

For example: There is a video of an A380 Level-D simulator, where you can see an intercept example out of EGLL. Even though the pilot doesn’t turn the aircraft, there is no route offset (example: 0.3 R).


Maybe the A380 behaves different, but I guess in terms of this situation not that much.

Performed with AIRAC 1610 (Navigraph and Navdata Pro).

Any ideas?




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