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All Simmers - Please Read

Bob L

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To all simmers -

Before posting a new topic please do the following as we're seeing the same / very similar topics being posted over and over again.    So please curb the immediate urge to create a new topic and spend a few minutes performing the below steps.  The entire A320-X community will benefit when this procedure is followed.

1. Review the pinned topics at the top of the forum, they're pinned for a reason and contain a wealth of information.

2. If your question/issue is still not answered, etc.. from step 1 then perform a search of the forum as more than likely your question / issue has already been posted and/or answered.  If you find a post that contains a similar question/issue but does not directly answer your question/issue, please add a reply within that post (DO NOT create a new post).

3. If after performing the above 2 steps and your question / issue is not listed and/or answered then a new post can be created.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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Andreas Guther

Hi Bob,

one question regarding the search function of the forum. Today I tried to search for "PRO-ATC-X" and the search did not return anything although there is one topic (PRO-ATC-X) with exactly this name. If this happens also to other people, there will be problems finding solutions...


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The minimum no. of characters required for a search word seems to be 4 - but the hyphen/dash ('-') doesn't seem to count.

The search function works wonders though with 4 and more characters.

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It was already proposed to build a proper forum structure with subforums / categories. It would help find discussed topics and maybe prevent multiple posts of the same topic. The work that goes along with it might be worth it.

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Alan Chadwick

Maybe a list of known issues could be pinned as a central resource, to avoid having to search/post for issues already dealt with?

I'm not sure if the issues I've reported have been resolved or even noticed. Without any kind of acknowledgement, simmers will simply continue posting the same issues.

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Lefteris Kalamaras


list of known issues and their resolution is in the A320-X FAQ. It would be unwieldy to list all possible issues faced by users (in most cases, it's user error or badly setup machines) as the post itself would grow very long and would defeat the purpose.

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Alan Chadwick

Hi Lefteris,

Understood, the FAQ has helped me through the initial CTD and other issues and is a valuable resource. It doesn't seem to have changed since 12 April though. Maybe it would be nice to have those items which have been identified and solved by your team for the next update/s listed there too.

Apologies, I see it has been edited since.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

May I please also ask that you do NOT send us PMs (private messages) asking for personalized assistance? in 99% of the cases, your problem has already been solved for someone else so it's a "me too" that can be searched for in the forum.

We care very much and wish to offer support, but we much rather provide an answer in the forum than solve someone's problem and have two others not know the solution.

On the other hand, if *WE* ask to assist you through Teamviewer (because often times something is misconfigured) it's because we don't know in advance what your particular misconfiguration might be so it's ideal if YOU respond positively (rather than say that you are afraid we'll hack your bank accounts or something).

My deepest apologies, but I'm not going to be responding to PMs that have disregarded my request here.

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