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First Impressions...

Andrew Wilson

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I am an Airline Pilot and I purchased the A320X and P3D in June of 2018 to help with my transition training from a MD80 to an A320.  I could not believe how close it was to the real airplane.  I was a

Hi all -  One thing the teams at FSLabs will never get to experience is a 'first impression' of our A320-X - that's something only you guys will be able to experience first hand. I was thinking t

Just downloaded this aircraft last week, after having just completed 8 weeks in Singapore doing an A330 transition course. I've been on the Boeing for the last 15 years, so it was quite a lot to take

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Robert Sutherland
On 1/4/2020 at 4:39 PM, Michael Leuck said:

CTDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aircraft is unflyable currently.

You might have to go into a bit more detail if you're seeking support the issues you're having :)


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peter kelberg
1 hour ago, Robert Sutherland said:

You might have to go into a bit more detail if you're seeking support the issues you're having :)


seems  that  he  has posted  this issue  on  several   threads  already  bit  hard  when  he  does  this  to keep  track of  things,  looks like he  has  solved  his  issues  by  re installing the  320

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John Hawksley

Hi, I've come to the FSL A320-X for the first time in the last couple of weeks.  Here are my first impressions.

The price is very expensive, and sets expectations, which unfortunately haven't been met (yet), though I am hopeful.

I've had this aircraft about a week and I fly with VATSIM.  I've performed about 10 short-haul (1.5hr) sorties.  8 of them were offline while I sorted out how to fly it and not embarrass myself in the (incredibly busy) London and Scottish Radar regions.  One online was successful from start to end and one ended in a CTD.

So what I've found so far that seems very disappointing is this:

  • Saved scenarios seem to be flakey.  I've deleted them.  The one I did have (cold and dark, parked at stand) regularly:
    • Would not power up avionics even with both batts on, APU avail.
    • Would not start a/c pack 1 (even tried the 'enter/exit slew' workaround) under any circumstance.
  • CTD turning onto finals (LOC/GS capture)
  • Holding
    • Hold at PPOS accepts data for the hold but never generates it.
    • Hold at fix:  entered data for the hold; a/c proceeded to fix but never entered the hold; continued ploughing onward off track, still in NAV mode.

Obviously I'm not discounting user error, and overall my experience has been okay.

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Tom Stagg

After literally years of being on the fence about buying the A320X I finally took the plunge. So far the level of immersion has simply blown me away!

I flew the basic tutorial yesterday and had no problems at all. At this very moment I am working through the ATSU tutorial (waiting for boarding to happen) and the way it integrates with PFPX, GSX and Active Sky is brilliant. I'm going to find it difficult dealing with other aircraft that don't have this level of integration from here on out. I can't claim to be knowledgable enough to comment on the systems accuracy as I'm quite new to Airbus.

Performance wise it definitley hits my system harder than most other add ons but not bad enough to make things un playable. I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements that will come with P3Dv5 in this regard.

Excellent work FSLabs!

As an additional note, I would also like to thank your support team for being so prompt in helping me find my old forum account so that it could be merged and I could access livery downloads.


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Robert Koolstra

What a great plane! After years of flying PMDG and even have a setup for a 737, was hesitating to spend the money.

After a rough start with CTD with the last update it fixed everything.

Really loving this plane, what a immersion with ATSU / GSX etc.

A wish for me would be a remote overhead panel also, have a touchscreen hanging above my head for the 737 would also love to have the Airbus there!

Great job guys!



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Norman Blackburn

Hi Robert

If your Touchscreen is on the same PC you could press shift 3, undock and drag the overhead there.

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Robert Koolstra
2 hours ago, Norman Blackburn said:

Hi Robert

If your Touchscreen is on the same PC you could press shift 3, undock and drag the overhead there.

Thanks for the tip! Already have two extra screens for Pfd ND Ecams. I don’t know if my build can handle more screens but will try later. 

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Sam Feinstein

Bought the FSLabs back in October but never got around to posting in this thread so here it goes:


WOW! I had flown other Airbuses in other sims before and the switch to P3D UI took a little bit to get used to, but I knew it was 100% worth it when I completed my first flight in the FSLabs. Everything I've ever learned about the Airbus from reading, pilots, and irl videos was reflected perfectly in the FSLabs. Not to mention that when hand-flying the FSL, it handles exactly how I would imagine the real airplane does. The beautiful integration with Simbrief and GSX makes it my favorite P3D plane. I love how immersive it is that I can start doing my preflight, confirm the fuel and weights via the AOC menu, and the ground handling automatically opens doors and fuels/loads the airplane before "sending" the load sheet. Overall, the FSLabs is worth every penny and I can't wait to see the plane with sharklets as well. 

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