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Concorde X Problems with Parking Break, Throttles and INS


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Hello All,

I just bought Concorde X today and on first launch it seemed to work perfectly. However, after restarting my computer there seems to be a few issues. The first one is the INS no longer aligns. I know how to do this so this isn't the problem, but whenI engage the parking break, switch all the INS buttons to off on the engineers pannel and then press (CTRL + I) to realign nothing happens, nothing comes up in the top of the screen to say its aligning

The parking break also doesn't engage by pressing CTRL > key either and I have to click it manually in the virtual cockpit.

Auto throttle is also not working it instantly switches off as soon as pressing the switch and the throttles are jammed at 100% and won't move back down with my joy stick, the throttles work fine on the ground though.

I haven't a clue whats wrong and I hope someone can help with this, as i've just spent almost £100 on this software and so far its a bit of a disappointment



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Jip van Kuijk

Make sure you start your Concorde in the Preliminary state, for the parking brake you need hydrolics for the braken to work, turn on the ground hydrolics (same panel as the brake fans). 



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