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Information we need when reporting an issue - Please Read

Bob L

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Fellow Simmers,

When you have an issue or perceived issue we realize it is frustrating and you post it on the forum.  But as much frustrating it is to you it is even more frustrating for us when the issue listed says x, y, or z is not working without providing a detailed description and repro steps and supporting documentation (screen pics, flight plans docs, etc..).

This lack of information ultimately delays you from enjoying the A320-X and from us in identifying the said issue and ultimately addressing the said issue.


Please ensure you are running the sim with admin rights

So with that said, please start providing the following information when reporting an issue.  This does not apply to questions, but only issues.

1. In the Title of the Post - a summary description of the issue

2. In the body of the post a detailed description of the issue which must include the following details -

  • Hardware configuration (CPU / graphics card / windows OS) and monitor resolution (e.g. "3 monitors with TripleHead2Go")
  • Antivirus running / disabled / uninstalled?
  • Sound utility loaded on a laptop (MSI Nahimic or similar) ?
  • Are you running Matrox Powerdesk software?
  • Which sim and version are you running?
  • How do you start your sim?
  • When the sim starts does it go straight to your chosenflight or the scenario screen? 
  • Have you changed the default flight?
  • Is the sim ran in Full screen or window mode?
  • Which version of the A320-X and FSL Spotlights do you have installed?
  • Which panel do you have installed VC only, 2D only or both VC and 2D?
  • Which model are you having issues with CFM, IAE or both?
  • What other add-ons are running in your sim?
  • If the problem is an Out-Of-Memory issue, screen shots of your display settings, cloud texture size and Orbx Vector settings.
  • If you have other issues, screen shots of the problem if pertinent
  • Provide supporting documentation
  • Provide full flight plan details (if related vertical /lateral navigation issue) - From/To, CI, Crz Alt, weights (fuel,payload, ZFW/ZFWCG), dep rwy, SID, route, Arrv rwy, STAR, TRANS, Flaps setting, FLEX/TOGA, Navigation DB and cycle.
  • Exact steps on how you load the sim and then the A320-X.

For screenshots and documentation you're able to attach them to the post.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued support of the FSL A320-X!

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