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How To Use The New Aoc Service (Fpln Request)

Konstantinos Kioussis

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Konstantinos Kioussis

Hi all.

It will fetch only FILED or PRE-FILED plans from VATSIM or IVAO. Not historical. The generated ones ( see case 1 ) are using the current "selected" cycle.


Case 1) FILL FROM/TO + REQUEST INIT => This will automatically generate a route for the given pair ( exactly the same functionality as the previous one )
Case 2) FILL FLTNBR + REQUEST INIT => This will lookup VATSIM or IVAO for a FILED or PREFILED FPLN and wil ATTEMPT to load it ***
Case 3) FILL CORTE => It should load a db PILOT STORED route.

I will run a brief example ( ATH to IST ).

First of all, AOCService is actually an ICAO( extended ) flightplan to ARINC 424 COMPANY ROUTE translator. It fetches plan data from vatsim,ivao,internet or disk ,constructs an ICAO fpln ( if required ) ,translates it into to ARINC format and transmits that back to the SIM.

Our Flight will be AEE994 from LGAV to LTBA with LGTS as ALTN ( i wouldn't normally divert to LGTS but well who cares )

Now im gonna pre-file that to VATSIM ( either via vPilot or via https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php )

i'll use the page for the example
with KEPI1G KEPIR UN604 BIG DCT TURKO TURK1D as the main route
and alternate

I did some extra work there.

A: Pasted the whole ALTN FPLN just after the AIRPORT actually its says LGTS EKI1K EKI UG12 GOLDO UM603 ARNAS ARNA1P
B: Added CI,ZFW,ZFWCG,CORTE and FOB with ZFW and FOB being in hundrends thus 610 equals 61000kg and 82 equals 8200kg. ZFWCG is 10 * CG so the 276 written there is translated as 27.6 by the system
and finally CORTE/6U will be used to construct the CORTE ident.

then filed it,

Now in the sim


and ( wait a little bit )



note that it takes some time for the vatsim servers ( ivao too ) to update the filed/pre-filed plans ( in the above example it took about 1 minute from the time i uploaded to vatsim)

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Konstantinos Kioussis

When A320 Loads ( actually when FMGC is "constructed" ) it registers itself to AOCService ( as a client), a sub part of this "registration" is to create that subfolder inside Uplink, there is no need to create subfolder there, if you don't have one ( actually 2 - one for each FM ) then that may be due to one or more of the following reasons.

1) AC is NOT loaded
2) AOCService is NOT started
3) FSX is NOT started 

User should NOT interfere in subfolder creation and also user should NOT ( did i say NOT ) assume that these 2 folders are "persistent", that mean that as soon as FSX shuts these 2 folders should be automatically deleted as well. 

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