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Philippe Gleize

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Erick F-B-W

Ok. I will try again. But my PAX profile is set at 168 (reference is MCDU option page which allows 54 for rows 1-9, 54 for rows 10-19 and 60 for rows 20-29 (crew can be neglected ?)). Cargo is set to 8827kg according to MCDU too. Does your MCDU and the PFPX values for ZFW & CG match when using PFPX calculations (and when you insert manually the same payload in the MCDU) ?



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Well, i've made a topcat profile, it works well except %MAC and i'm not sure which passenger weight is used for FSL(it's arround 80kg), still trying to figure out balancing options in TOPC

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Zeljko Budovic

ZFW yes, CG is not the same becouse this needs to be adjusted in CFG files for topcat and pfpx, and i didn't have time to try finding the right values. But once weights are matching, you are good to go, i'm not using only trim settings from TOPCAT, everything else works fine

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